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Just saw “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and it was great…

I don’t do movie reviews much anymore ’cause I’m getting kind of bored of ’em and on top of that, I’m losing interest in seeing new movies lately. Nothing really good out these days, ya know? I did see a good movie finally and that’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” so I’ll briefly review that one.

The movie was fun and entertaining like the first one was except I thought the 2nd one was way better than the first. Casting of the 2nd movie was great. Michael Rooker was awesome and so was Kurt Russell. Like usual Kurt Russell kills it like he does in every movie he stars in. It was awesome seeing Kurt and Michael Rooker play in a movie together. The story was good. The jokes in the movie were hilarious as I couldn’t help myself but crack up at some of the jokes in the movie. Some of it even got me laughing. The action was a blast to watch, though.

While the movie was fun and entertaining, I was most impressed with Sly’s cameo. Sly Stallone was in the movie but not very much. Sly played a character named Stakar Ogord. Even though his role was small, Stallone is already getting so much attention out of that character. There’s already a lot of demand that fans wants to see more of Stakar and I agree. That character was awesome & Sly did a great job playing him. It was cool seeing Sly and Michael Rooker in a same scene together. This wasn’t the first time those two starred in a movie together as they were in “Cliffhanger” together, remember that movie? We need to see more Stakar, so hopefully Sly’s character gets his own solo movie or he’ll be in more of “Guardians 3”.

So did Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell reunite? Well, it’s not what you think so no. While Sly and Kurt were in the same movie together, they never played in any scenes together at all which kind of sucks. I was hoping for some sort of Tango & Cash reunion myself but we never got that unfortunately. I’m sure Sly and Kurt hung out some on set behind the scenes as I’m sure those guys are still great friends.

One thing for sure, I’m so impressed with Dave Bautista’s acting skills. Most professional wrestlers that turn into actors don’t have good acting skills (yeah, Dwayne Johnson is not that good of an actor) but I’m impressed with Dave. Most guys with big muscles are horrible at acting but Dave’s got the skills. If you want to know why Dave is starring in a lot of big movies lately and why he’s doing so great in the industry is ’cause he’s a good actor. I always knew that Dave was a good actor ’cause I used to watch him in WWE back in the day. Once again, Dave is one wrestler actor who has actual talent. He may be a huge guy with big muscles but he also has a good speaking voice. I just like his voice, it’s so badass.

“Guardians 2” was a great movie and I’m definitely getting it on Blu Ray when it comes out. If you’re a fan of superhero flicks, you should definitely see this yourself.



“Blade Runner: 2049” trailer is finally here and it looks freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait!!!

Well the new “Blade Runner: 2049” trailer is here and it looks freakin’ awesome. I’m a huge Blade Runner fan. Love the first film and can’t wait to see this one. This film here looks like it might be the best film of the year. This is one of those movies that I’m most excited for.

Yes, there are several other movies I’m looking forward to see like “Star Wars Episode 8”, “Justice League”, “Wonder Woman”, “Stephen King’s IT” and “The Dark Tower”. All of these movies look real good but I look most forward to “Blade Runner: 2049”.

Glad Harrison is back for this one and can’t wait to see it!


Former WWE star, Dave Bautista announced he’s done with wrestling for good???

Dave Bautista who is famously known as “The Animal” in WWE just recently announced that he may be done with the professional wrestling business for good.

Which is understandable ’cause this guy is about to become a huge movie star. He’s already got two big movie roles like his role in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and now in “Spectre” as Mr. Hinx.

I think this dude is about ready to become a huge movie star. He could be bigger than the Rock… so watch out Dwayne!

A lot of people would accuse wrestlers of having no acting experience of getting into Hollywood film but honestly, wrestling is acting. I think you know that. Professional wrestling is like theatre. When wrestlers talk through the mic out in the ring that is part of acting. That’s how they become better “actors” ’cause wrestling trains them to become actors.

Wrestlers being in the movies is nothing new ’cause that started long before the Rock. Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper were big movie stars long before the Rock. Wrestlers don’t become big movie stars overnight, that’s for sure. It took a long while for Dwayne Johnson to get where he is now. I’ve seen most of Dwayne’s movies over the years.

Dave Bautista will become the next wrestler to become huge in the movies. He already is pretty big in fact but he will just get bigger. I think he’ll be a nice addition to “Expendables 4”.


After finally watching “Guardians of The Galaxy”, I think Dave Bautista is gonna be a HUGE movie star…

I just finished watching Marvel’s “Guardians Of the Galaxy” for the first time on BluRay disc and I thought the film was amazing as expected. The film was a nice blend of comedy, sci-fi, drama and action. The film had a great cast. The movie was beautifully filmed and the script was well-written too. While the cast did a great job, I was most impressed with Dave Bautista who played, Drax The Destroyer. Drax would be the one you’d want to pay attention to the most.

If you don’t know who Dave Bautista is, he was a former WWE star. He was a pro wrestler for most of his life now and he finally wants to move on from pro wrestling and try to start an acting career. His acting career is already taking off. His first major role was in the film, “The Man With the Iron Fist” and then he got landed a role in “Riddick”. Then here comes an even bigger role for Dave in, “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Dave was real enjoyable in “Guardians”. You’d probably enjoy him too even if you’re not a wrestling fan.

After this movie, I noticed he got signed a role in 007 “Spectre” and he’s gonna star in the “Kickboxer” remake. So yeah, after his role of Drax in “Guardians” Dave is gonna be a huge movie star in his future. I don’t think he’ll ever be back in WWE which is good for him.

Could Dave’s new movie career be just as big as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? I think it will happen for Dave. I thought Dave’s acting in “Guardians” was great. I’m looking forward to seeing him in “007: Spectre” as well.

I think Dave should have a role in “Expendables 4” ’cause that would be a cool addition. As you can see Dave is a pretty huge dude so he’s probably gonna star in a lot of action movies.

A lot of pro wrestlers have started movie careers over the years… everyone from Andre The Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, The Rock, etc. The list goes on but most of them haven’t starred in that many blockbuster movies with the exception of Dwayne Johnson obviously. I think Dave is gonna be bigger than all of them.

Even if you’re not into superhero flicks that much, you should still check out, “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It was a real superhero story that actually had a plot and a good one too. I’m looking forward to the sequel already and yes, I too think there should be an “Avengers and Guardians” cross-over film. Check out, “Guardians”, you won’t be disappointed at all. Very enjoyable flick, I liked it a lot.