Former WWE star, Dave Bautista announced he’s done with wrestling for good???

Dave Bautista who is famously known as “The Animal” in WWE just recently announced that he may be done with the professional wrestling business for good.

Which is understandable ’cause this guy is about to become a huge movie star. He’s already got two big movie roles like his role in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and now in “Spectre” as Mr. Hinx.

I think this dude is about ready to become a huge movie star. He could be bigger than the Rock… so watch out Dwayne!

A lot of people would accuse wrestlers of having no acting experience of getting into Hollywood film but honestly, wrestling is acting. I think you know that. Professional wrestling is like theatre. When wrestlers talk through the mic out in the ring that is part of acting. That’s how they become better “actors” ’cause wrestling trains them to become actors.

Wrestlers being in the movies is nothing new ’cause that started long before the Rock. Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper were big movie stars long before the Rock. Wrestlers don’t become big movie stars overnight, that’s for sure. It took a long while for Dwayne Johnson to get where he is now. I’ve seen most of Dwayne’s movies over the years.

Dave Bautista will become the next wrestler to become huge in the movies. He already is pretty big in fact but he will just get bigger. I think he’ll be a nice addition to “Expendables 4”.


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