Obama launching his own facebook & twitter shortly before the end of his presidency… something is definitely up here…

Obama launched his own so-called twitter account and now he launched his own so-called facebook account. Several months before the end of his presidency. Or is it the end of his presidency? Why would the White House allow him to start his own social networking accounts and waited before the end of his presidency? Especially when it has “POTUS” on both accounts and President Obama listed as his name on both accounts too.

Doesn’t this make you wanna scratch your head a little bit and ask yourself, “What’s going on here?”. That’s what I just did.

This tells me that this guy isn’t going anywhere even after 2017. This is a big hint of what he’s about to do. What I find funny is that people don’t think he’s actually gonna do it. Cancel elections and extend his presidency. Keep in mind, you can’t trust politicians or presidents ’cause they are capable of anything, idiots. Don’t kid yourselves.


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