Chester Bennington leaves Stone Temple Pilots to focus on Linkin Park… wonder what’s the real reason is?

Scott Weiland was the first to leak the news that Chester Bennington has officially left Stone Temple Pilots to focus on Linkin Park full time. They claim it was an amicable split but it could be a lie. I wonder what really happened?

I think the real reason Chester split ’cause he felt that he didn’t belong in STP. Maybe he admitted that STP is Scott Weiland’s baby and felt bad replacing him? So he left hoping Scott would rejoin.

STP is probably gonna look for a replacement but hopefully the guys in STP and Scott will start talking again so Scott can rejoin the group. It isn’t STP without Scott. Maybe that’s what Chester finally realized, ya know? He was receiving so much flak from the fans and couldn’t take it.

Hopefully STP and Scott will bury the hatchet so he can rejoin. Scott and Robert Deleo both helped form the band together and Scott wrote most of the band’s biggest hits including “Plush”, “Sex Type Thing”, “Wicked Garden”, “Vasoline”, “Big Empty”, etc.

I’m a big fan of STP. Had the opportunity to see the band live in concert once myself a long time ago. I’ll never forget that show.


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