It’s real sad that the media continues to destroy “conservatives” but gives “liberals” a free pass in everything…

There’s a pretty good reason why dumb liberals shrug off any kind of criticism that is aimed toward liberal political figures such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s because the media protects them every step of the way. Which is pretty sickening. I know the media is capable of doing honest reporting on both sides of the spectrum… they just don’t want to. They’re intentionally trying to make “conservatives” look like bad guys and liberals look like good guys. That’s how one-sided the media is nowadays.

I know you guys are probably sick of me repeatedly trashing the media but I don’t care. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to get it heard.

There is a reason why some people think there is still nothing wrong with Barack and Hillary. It’s all because of the dishonest and corrupt media. What’s sad about it all is that a lot of people really look at the media as “credible source”. Liberal media wanna destroy Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rubio, etc. Yet they keep giving Barack and Hillary a free pass in everything. There’s no doubt that Democrat politicians are just as bad as Republicans. I think you know it and it’s sad that many won’t admit it. It’s sad that many go by what the media says.

If you take what the media says is true then you are not very intelligent and you are a very naive person. You don’t think outside of the box and you don’t express your own opinion. Anything that the media says liberals will agree with it. They won’t listen to real people like me they would rather listen to their so-called “credible sources” like NBC, CNN or the Washington Post.

For example if the liberal media says that our police in America are murderers, then liberals will agree.

If they say that Hillary walked out unscathed during the Benghazi testimony, liberals will agree.

I think you get my point now. Anything that the media says, liberals will follow ’cause they naively believe that their “one-sided” opinion is “credible source”.

We definitely have to do something about our news media ’cause it’s all shit right now and they’re getting worse for sure. You know how the media makes it looks like that liberals are the good guys and conservatives are bad? Well pretty soon it’s gonna be the other way around once Donald Trump gets elected in office. I think it’s pretty obvious that “liberalism” is the enemy of America and it will get proven.

“Conservatives” aren’t bad people ’cause we are real patriots and believe in our homeland. We will destroy liberalism once and for all. That’s why we need Trump in the White House. When Trump gets elected be ready for a big change in media reporting ’cause I believe it’s gonna happen. What we need is to get rid of “political correctness” in the media and that’s one thing Trump will put an end to quickly.

We should be able to call Muslims terrorists and Illegal Immigrants criminals without getting in trouble for it. It’s time to stop giving “liberals” a free pass in everything for once. They need to receive some “flak” for some of the things they say as well. Liberals talk a lot of nasty and hateful things about our police and they think it’s okay to call cops “murderers” and liberals don’t get into any trouble for it. Now it’s gonna get worse thanks to Tarantino and his big mouth. The media is disgusting. I don’t like the direction it’s heading to at all. In fact, I find it very scary.


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