Donald Trump continues to be a huge ratings draw, maybe that’s why people hate him???

It’s no surprise to me that Donald Trump hosting SNL last night would be a huge ratings draw. I didn’t watch it last night. I fell asleep over it. Not because I was bored but it’s because I’m kind of sick with a cold. I did DVR it, though, and will watch it sometime today.

Also last Friday when I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up Trump’s new book, “Crippled America”, I couldn’t find any copies at all and looked all over the store so I figure they must be sold out of them. So then I walked over to Target and they only had a few copies left of “Crippled America” so I grabbed a copy and bought one. Yep, I’m the proud owner of Trump’s new book. Couldn’t believe that Trump’s new book was hard to find so I take it that the book must be selling pretty damn good.

Trump is obviously more popular than ever and that’s probably the reason why some hate him, in my opinion. They can’t stand his popularity and it’s killing them inside. That’s probably why the media hates him too.

I’ve always been a big Trump fan for a pretty long time so I always knew that guy is gonna be something special. I really believe he’s gonna be the next President of the United States. Ben Carson might have a pretty good chance too but I’m still all for Trump.

Trump’s popularity matters ’cause it shows how many voters he’s gonna get and some people aren’t liking it. I’m not mad or jealous at his popularity at all as I’m very happy and thrilled for him. His popularity is well-deserving too ’cause he’s the real deal and he’s the freakin’ man!


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