My thoughts on Ben Carson’s “pyramid” theory…

I don’t want to get into whether or not Ben Carson is right on his theory that pyramids were made for grains but he is entitled to his own opinions and thoughts… so let him have ’em. It’s a free country, people have the right to speak on what they believe but of course, in this day and age in America under Obama, it’s getting more and more difficult to “speak your mind”. Right-wing freedom of expression is being taken away from us for sure and I’ve been saying this for years.

How I’m looking at this is that I think is that this is just the media’s attempt on trying to destroy Ben Carson even more. The media would do anything to try to turn off more voters. So they go around looking for Ben’s older speeches and once they found something he said that they think is ridiculous, they’ll report it all over the media to make him look bad. They found something that he said 17 years ago which is pretty ludicrous and insane in my book.

Ya know… if Barack Obama or Hillary said that “pyramids” in Egypt were made for grains… lib media would have been okay with it and liberals would have agreed with them. That’s how fucking one-sided America is these days. It’s just sickening really.

Even if I believe that Ben Carson said something crazy or dumb, who cares? What Ben said wasn’t a big deal and libtard America is making a big deal about it. There are more important things in America that we need to worry about like getting our damn country back for starters. That’s more important but nope liberals are more worried about what Ben Carson says or does. All libtard media does is destroy conservatives. They get paid to make them look bad. It’s what they do.

The libtard media are cheerleaders for Hillary and they’re doing anything to get her to win… that’s why they’re desperately trying to destroy all the “conservatives”. They’re desperately trying to destroy them all: Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Christie, etc. Media wants Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee so they’re doing all they can to destroy the other guys. It’s not working so keep trying. All they’re doing is making them more popular. That’s why guys like Trump, Carson, Cruz & Rubio keeps surging in the polls ’cause the media trying to destroy them is actually helping them. When media sticks up for people like Jeb Bush and Hillary, nobody really cares.


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