Avoid this dating site in facebook called, “Albany Singles & Social Meetup”…

If you’re on facebook and local, there’s this facebook group going around called “Albany Singles & Social Meetup”. They just go around automatically adding people to their group without your permission hoping you would join. Well, I joined the group for a while. People there seemed to be pretty cool for a while but I quickly grown to hating that singles group. So I left that group for good.

There’s a few reasons why I’ve grown to hating that site:

1) The group seems to have attracted a lot of “players” and “cheaters”. The site may have seem to be designed for people who are single and want to meet new friends and possibly find yourself a romantic partner but that’s not the way I see it. I look at it as a place for people looking to get laid and they will never admit it.

2) I think the owner of the site created the group as a clever way to get women for himself.

3) People are pretty crazy in that site, no thanks. A lot of drama and negativity. Too many egotistical people who think they’re good looking and stuff. Too many weird people in there.

4) The group maybe a way to scam money off of you. That’s probably part of why they want you to donate a little something for them and stuff like that.

5) They have social events at bars & clubs which aren’t really good to be meeting people with ’cause of loud music and drunk people.

6) They have their own strict rules and seem to be babysitting people in there when there’s already a facebook TOS.

7) You don’t need a facebook dating group to make friends and get yourself a dating partner.

The people behind the group are not looking to help others, it’s looking like to me that they are in it to help themselves. Get more publicity for themselves and get themselves known. So I wouldn’t be quick in trusting the people running that group. The group may turn out to be cool for a while but soon you’ll realize that those people in that site will turn out to be a bunch of losers.

I mean, there are a bunch of women in there who are pretty “strict” on men wanting to contact them. Women in that group site refuse to add random men and then they complain about strange men trying to add them or trying to contact them privately. I’m like really? If women join a dating site, of course, they’re gonna get a lot of men wanting to contact them out of the blue. Welcome to the world of internet dating, ladies. I understand women don’t want creepers and strangers on their facebook profile but if women are good looking and join a dating site on facebook or wherever, of course they’re gonna get a lot of men contacting them privately. Then the site owner has this rule where that’s not allowed. I think this is one of the big reasons why I’ve been turned off by that group. Single women being strict on men trying to contact them. Ya know, she’s single and she joins a facebook dating group and then she refuses to have men contact her. Really? When women do things like that, I look at it as her saying, “Sorry guys, I’m too pretty and you’re not good enough to contact me”. It’s an ego thing, absolutely. The owner of that site thinks he’s gonna stop men from contacting women privately but even strict “rules” isn’t gonna stop it ’cause you can’t do anything about men contacting women privately ’cause that’s the name of the game in “internet dating”.

Like I said above, you don’t need a facebook group to find some new friends or even a dating partner. All you gotta do is go out and socialize with people in the real world. Go out there, have some balls and have some confidence and talk with people.

I refuse to post the link to that group ’cause all it’s gonna do is give it more attention that it don’t deserve. Just wanted you to be aware of that facebook group that’s been going around that’s aimed at the Capital District scene. Be careful and don’t trust everything you see.



2 thoughts on “Avoid this dating site in facebook called, “Albany Singles & Social Meetup”…”

  1. so i googled this group and your post came up. and you pretty much NAILED IT. i feel like i need “i survived the assmu” group shirt or something. the “owner” of the group is a self absorbed sociopath who thrives on causing drama. he makes himself out be a martyr but in reality he’s a mom’s basement dwelling socially awkward bald thirty something who created this group to boost his ego. sad and pathetic. thanks for exposing him & his group the way it deserves to be.

    1. Glad I was able to help out. All of my thoughts on this group in this post, I still stand by the things I say. You definitely can’t trust the owner of that group for sure.


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