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Suicide is on the rise in the entertainment industry… fame isn’t easy…

Director Tony Scott, Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain and I’m sure there are many others… wow. I know it’s kind of crazy, right? What I find sad is that some people out there want to bash people that commit suicide… ya know saying things like: “It’s selfish”, “They’re a coward”, etc. People nowadays don’t have compassion anymore. Some people want to have a neglectful attitude when it comes to people who go suicidal or have committed suicide.

Depression is real and it’s pretty serious. If you know someone who is depressed, you need to get them help ’cause they could end up like those people I listed. Get them to call a suicide hotline or get them to see a psychiatrist or whatever.

I wasn’t a big Linkin Park fan; I never bought any of their albums but I heard pretty much all their hits on the radio over the years so I am familiar with that band. It’s still sad to lose Chester Bennington, though so my heart goes out to his family, friends and the surviving members of Linkin Park.

Suicide is definitely on the rise in the entertainment industry and it’s becoming quite a problem. Why? Is it because of fame & fortune that overwhelmed them? That’s probably a big factor for sure, no doubt. Maybe they’re also having personal problems with their families and all that stuff. There are many different reasons why famous people commit suicide. Sometimes fame & fortune has nothing to do with it. They just had a difficult life growing up and that’s what it is.

Again, I wasn’t a big Linkin Park fan but it’s always sad to lose someone whether in the movie industry or music industry. RIP Chester.

Something’s gotta be done about suicide in America. It’s not just happening in the world of fame; it happens to real people too. I’m sure you’ve lost people due to suicide yourself. It’s happening all over this country. We need to stop suicide in America… it’s gonna be tough but it can be done.


Chester Bennington leaves Stone Temple Pilots to focus on Linkin Park… wonder what’s the real reason is?

Scott Weiland was the first to leak the news that Chester Bennington has officially left Stone Temple Pilots to focus on Linkin Park full time. They claim it was an amicable split but it could be a lie. I wonder what really happened?


I think the real reason Chester split ’cause he felt that he didn’t belong in STP. Maybe he admitted that STP is Scott Weiland’s baby and felt bad replacing him? So he left hoping Scott would rejoin.

STP is probably gonna look for a replacement but hopefully the guys in STP and Scott will start talking again so Scott can rejoin the group. It isn’t STP without Scott. Maybe that’s what Chester finally realized, ya know? He was receiving so much flak from the fans and couldn’t take it.

Hopefully STP and Scott will bury the hatchet so he can rejoin. Scott and Robert Deleo both helped form the band together and Scott wrote most of the band’s biggest hits including “Plush”, “Sex Type Thing”, “Wicked Garden”, “Vasoline”, “Big Empty”, etc.

I’m a big fan of STP. Had the opportunity to see the band live in concert once myself a long time ago. I’ll never forget that show.


How Scott Weiland is going to win the dismissal, all the way…

I just read the actual STP lawsuit that was filed against their former frontman, Scott Weiland. I read it over a couple of times.

Read it for yourself, here.

Harsh, very harsh. While you may read that lawsuit, I’m sure you’re going to mistakenly side with the band and you might agree that Scott deserves everything he’s getting. Well to be honest, it really sounds like the band is just telling they’re side of the story. So don’t believe everything they’ve written in their lawsuit.

You see here’s the thing, guys. The band claims that in 1996 they had each member sign a written agreement, the STP Partnership they were referring to. They claim that they have an STP Partnership group that if any member leaves a band they agree to not use the STP band name, songs, designs or any other trademarks for their other projects. I would think Scott has all the right to use the STP name and perform STP songs at his solo shows as he pleases.

I did a little research on trademarks and copyrights. You should too. Go to the trademark website, and look up the STP band name. All 4 original members of STP share the Stone Temple Pilots together. As long as all 4 members is a registrant to the Stone Temple Pilots name, I would think they can use the band name for their other projects all they want to. I also searched the copyright records for the STP song catalogue and it’s pretty much the same there as well. Most STP songs are copyrighted by all 4 members as a registrant. Therefor, Scott shares everything with the band like I’ve been repeatedly saying.

On top of that, the band accuses Scott of making the band look bad by using the STP name and performing their songs to push his solo career. Well if I remember correctly back in 2006 after STP parted ways for a while, Scotty went on to form the Velvet Revolver and the other three members of STP: Robert, Dean and Eric formed another band with that Filter singer in which they named that band, Army of Anyone. Well guess what? Yes, you betcha Army of Anyone used the STP name to help push the band out there and they performed STP songs at all of their shows. So honestly, the other guys: Robert, Dean and Eric are acting like hypocrites when they accuse Scott of these things. To explain the hypocrisy even more, they accuse Scott of stealing the band’s creation when they just released a Megaphone t-shirt; the Megaphone idea was all Scott’s.

I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know anything about the legal stuff but I’m just making observations.

I don’t believe there was ever a written agreement, the STP Partnership, that the band claims. If it was true, then Army of Anyone wouldn’t have used STP to push that band out there. They would have broken the agreement if they did.

Remember, the band is just telling their side of the story, and Scott is just telling his side of the story when he tries to defend himself. It’s all up for the judge to decide. I think STP will get no where with this lawsuit simple because Scott shares everything with them. The band could also be lying about everything they said about Scott being late for concerts and all that stuff.   If the other three guys can play STP songs with their other bands, then why can’t Scott?

On top of this, Scott is the lead singer of STP and he had a huge hand in writing all of the songs so that reason alone is why I believe he has every right to use the STP name and perform their songs all he wants to. He was the one who helped give the band that success so he deserves to celebrate what the band did in the past. The band should be proud of Scott of what he did with the band but nope…. ego and jealousy have to get in the way with everything. Like I said before, that’s the name of the game in the music business. You’re gonna come across a lot of people you can’t trust and a lot of backstabbing. A lot of drama around.

The band also accuses Scott of drug use, of course, but I wouldn’t really believe that either. Scott could be clean, healthy, and good as well.

I’ll be following this feud pretty closely so if anymore news come up in the future, I’ll post my thoughts. I still think Scott is innocent. I’m sure he’ll be successful at proving his innocence when he battles this out in court. It’ll be even better if they just bury the hatchet and act like grown ups but like I said bands are ego-driven pieces of crap, and they don’t care. The band accuses Scott of being selfish when they are the same.


More proof on how STP fired Scott Weiland just to make him look ridiculous…

Just for the hell of it, I decided to go looking through the STP official website. The band just released a Megaphone t-shirt for sale and it’s a brand new shirt that was released shortly after Scott was fired. Um, excuse me. Whose idea was it to bring the megaphone into the band? Yes, that’s right. None other than Scott Weiland. The megaphone was part of Scott’s well-known trademark for the band. He used the megaphone for a lot of STP songs. He used it all over the first album and Scott used the megaphone a lot for STP shows. To have the band release that shirt after his so-called firing, proves that the rest of the guys are intentionally trying to destroy Scott’s reputation as a person and as a musician himself.

Honestly, I believe they had no reason to get rid of Scotty. They did it hoping to get more publicity… a publicity stunt kind of thing. They did it ’cause they know everyone would be talking about it and they figure it would be good promotion for the band. It’s a ploy. They got the idea when Velvet Revolver booted Scotty a long while back.

Check out the megaphone t-shirt, here.

I know I talk about this a lot but hey, I’m a fan of the band too and like most fans… I hate how they are now. I heard all of STP albums and saw them live in concert once when Scott was the frontman.

I still think Scott is going to prevail in this legal battle. Why? The answer is easy. It’s going to be very difficult for STP to prove how Scott is misusing their band name to push his solo career. Scott has the right to use the STP material all he wants ’cause he owns part of the trademark of the STP name and I’m sure he owns parts of the copyrights of STP’s song catalog. STP is the one stepping over the legal line here for continuing on with the STP name under a different singer.

This is an interesting feud and an interesting battle. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s all gonna end.

And again, everybody wants to blame this on the drugs. Notice how Scott doesn’t respond to the drug accusations. Not yet, anyway. It’s a smart thing to do is to not respond to the drugs speculation.  I’m sure he gets accused of using drugs still 100 times a day so he probably doesn’t care.

Just let the man live his life and let him do what he wants to do. Kudos to him for sticking up for himself. I even feel bad for the guy sometimes.


5 Reasons Why Stone Temple Pilots is making a huge mistake…

Reading fan comments through facebook, blogs, and other music forums, I believe all music fans can come to an agreement that Scott Weiland can’t be replaceable in Stone Temple Pilots. There will only be a few of those that believe that STP has every right to be doing what they’re doing to Scott and you got to be honest with yourself; they don’t have that right. The band getting rid of their important frontman is a career suicide. The band wants to stop Scott from using the band name and they want to stop him from playing STP songs at his solo shows.

Actually, the band DO have the right to move on from members all they want to but if they’re gonnna do something very risky, they should have left STP alone and started a new band like I repeatedly stated before.

It doesn’t matter whether Chester Bennington is a great fit for STP or not, it’s just not the right thing to do to replace the singer under the STP name. It also doesn’t matter if Scott is a huge pain in the ass or if his personal addictions is the reason for firing him. Yes, I’m sure many other legendary bands from the past have fired their founding singers before and replaced them with good ones successfully but with STP; it’s different, ya know? Getting rid of Scott Weiland is like U2 without Bono or Rush without Geddy Lee. Speaking of U2 and Rush, both of those bands has had the same lineup of musicians for over thirty years and the same members are still together today. Why? Because a band is like a marriage. It’s pretty rare when founding members stay together for this long over the years. It’s not only the chemistry of the members and the lineup; it’s the style of playing of those musicians that makes their music work. People are so used to seeing the same members together for years, and if one of those founding members is replaced, they’re gonna get a lot of flak from the public for that. Career suicide.

I’m sure there are many reasons why getting rid of Scott from STP and replacing him with a new singer is a huge mistake but I’m going to explain 5 of those reasons:

  •  It hurts the fans – This is pretty much the big one. It’s gonna hurt the fans who have supported them over the years. The fans are the ones who gave them the success. They are the ones who put their money toward the albums, concerts, and merchandise. Fans are not going to get used to a different frontman. Not only the band is hurting the frontman, they’re also hurting the people who loved them. A lot of fans are going to stop supporting them and they’re gonna start boycotting. The fans are what helps the band keeps going to this day, something to think about there. They’re already getting a lot of disrespect throughout the music community. Yes, it’s very possible that a band with a new singer can re-build a new fanbase but it’s even gonna be tough for newer fans too. When new fans listen to new STP music under Chester, a lot of them are going to start listening to their older music with Scott and just think of their reaction when they do discover their old music with their former singer. I would think they’re not gonna be happy either and they will be confused.
  • This is gonna hurt record labels – They could lose a lot of money for this — the labels. I don’t think the new upcoming STP album with Chester fronting is gonna sell well. Not only that their longtime fans will stop supporting them, record sales will go down and it will take a LONG TIME for the new STP to get success again. It’s going to be difficult for the new STP to promote and market themselves over again if they want mainstream success again. It’ll be tough for the band to stay in the mainstream and be successful, doesn’t matter how good their new songs are.
  • It’s just gonna tarnish their legacy – 6 successful albums. Huge part of the 90’s grunge movement. A number of smash radio hits. Double platinum records. A lot of awards. Possible future rock n’ roll hall of famers. They played sold out arenas and played huge festivals all over the world. They’ve won plenty of awards for their music over the years. They had a good run on a positive note. They’re one of the most successful rock bands in the history of music, and they should just leave it as it is with those 4 original guys even if they want to get rid of members.  The new STP will NOT have that same success. They could go back to playing the smaller clubs instead of arena shows and stadiums. This will do nothing but hurt their history that they created together, ya know?
  • The sound of the band won’t be the same – People are so used to hearing Scott as STP’s lead singer. Scott’s voice defines the band’s sound and there is no other singer who will be able to sing STP songs. Scott is the only singer for STP; he should be, anyway. Having a different singer will feel like an STP tribute band or a supergroup. It’s Scott’s recognizable voice is what makes the STP songs work. I’m not gonna knock Chester’s talent like most would do but even if you think he is a good singer, he is not STP. I’m sure other singers can sing Stone Temple Pilots songs well but they won’t be able to sing the songs as perfect as Scott did. The STP songs Scott did with them in the past were meant to be something special and having a different singer will just hurt that.
  • This is making the whole band look bad on both sides – It doesn’t matter whose side you’re on. Whether you’re on Scott’s side or the other guys or if you’re neutral; this is gonna make all band members look bad all-around. Professionally and their behaviors. Sure bands don’t get along it happens. While you may not agree with Scott’s actions and may think he deserves to get fired; the other members are no different either as they can be unprofessional assholes as well. This is another reason why getting rid of Scott is a mistake, making them look bad on a professional level.

You see Scott completely understands why the other guys want to move on without them, he made that pretty clear in his response over the weekend. He just wants the other guys to use a different band name like most of us. If STP would man-up and change their band name, then Scott and all the fans will be accepting of them. Maybe the public will even support them more if they change the band name like requested but…

I’m sure Robert, Dean, and Eric won’t change the band name like so many people have begged them to.

This just proves my point after all these years of me ranting about bands & music that bands & artists can be ego-driven pieces of shit; locally or nationally. Bands don’t care. They’re pretty selfish people, all of them. A lot of them are into music for the money and they just want to be at the center of everyone’s attention. That’s the name of the game with the music business. You’re going to come across with a lot of egos and your music dreams & goals could get destroyed just like that. That’s what’s going on with Scott here. He loves what he does. He wants to rock out and keep the music going but people just want to keep destroying him.

I never understood why Scott continues to get so much disrespect and never understood why he’s such an easy target on the drugs/alcohol. Like I said, there are musicians all over the place who are drug addicts and alcoholics, so stop being a hypocrite. Willie Nelson is the biggest pothead around, and people look at him like he’s some sort of hero. People are hypocrites, I tell ya.


Scott Weiland finally responds to STP replacing him with Chester Bennington…

Scott Weiland, the man himself, finally took to his facebook page yesterday to write his thoughts about STP replacing him with Chester Bennington. Scott is just like all of us. He first heard about Chester joining by reading it on the internet and he also agrees with most fans that they should change their band name if they want to move on with a different singer. Scott said in his post, he doesn’t care if the other guys want to move on without him, he just doesn’t want the band releasing new music and performing live under the STP name.

Read Scott’s message, here.

Scott makes a whole lot of sense that the 4 original guys had a special career together and he just wants the band’s legacy to be respected. Replacing any of the members will just tarnish the legacy of the band. He just wants the band to be left as those 4 original founders like I’ve been trying to explain. The Stone Temple Pilots were one of the most successful bands in the 90’s grunge movement. Scott just wants that to be respected.

I understand that bands wants to move on with their music ’cause they love what they do; they just need to be more professional about things. This is pretty unfair to Scott and it’s making him look bad. Scott owns part of the trademark to the STP names and he owns the copyright to pretty much the whole STP catalog of music. That’s why Scott is able to play STP hits during his solo “Purple to the Core” tour.

Robert, Dean, and Eric are great musicians. They seem like they’re good guys, don’t get me wrong. They should have just left STP alone and start a new band if they wanted to move on without Scott out of respect for the legacy of STP. They had a good career. They had 6 successful albums together.

Now I’ve read a report that STP has already sued Scott Weiland which is what Scott was probably responding to. The band wants to stop him from using the STP name to further his solo career and they want Scott to stop performing STP songs at his solo shows. That’s gonna be kind of tough to do ’cause like I said Scott owns part of the copyrights to the songs, so the other guys in the band will have to try and win the rights from Scott. It’s gonna be a tough battle.

I’m still siding with Scott on this. I hope Scott will win the dismissal and hope he will counter-sue which he probably will. I think Scott will win this whole battle. He will prevail. I wish him good luck.

Read the full report, here.


More on the so called Scott Weiland firing from STP…

Ya know, it really is amazing to me how the Scott Weiland firing from STP debate became so big on the internet. I’ve been reading fan comments of this story through facebook, blogs, and other music sites. It appears that Chester Bennington taking over STP has gotten mixed responses. Here is a short list of some of the responses that I’m seeing…

  • Some fans actually like the idea of Chester taking over STP and think he would be a good replacement
  • Sames fans feel that what STP is doing is wrong releasing a new song with a different singer, they shouldn’t release it under the STP name out of respect for Scott
  • Some fans believe that Scott is irreplaceable and HE IS STP
  • Some fans believe that STP has every right to fire/replace members because of a business decision with the band, even though they don’t like the idea of Chester taking over. 

I believe that covers it. Well, I’m still on the Scott is irreplaceable and he is STP side.

You see, like I explained like plenty of times in this blog, you can’t fire founding members of bands. People don’t understand that. Please name any bands from the past who have fired founding members. I bet you can’t think of many… because why? You can’t kick out someone who created something. Just like when you start a business and you’re the boss you can’t get fired unless you choose to go out yourself. The same goes for a band, ya know? Founding members have left famous bands before but they were never fired. If you “own” something; it’s yours forever.

Well, founding members have gotten thrown out of famous bands a few times before but it don’t happen much, and when it does that founding member is usually reunited with them later on. Lets pick a few perfect examples: the Scott Weiland controversy kind of reminds me of the Brian Wilson firing from the Beach Boys. Brian was fired from the band just while they were doing the 50th Anniversary tour and Brian heard about it when he read the press release. He too explained that he can’t be fired ’cause he was one of the band’s main founding members, he said he felt like the entire band got fired. Brian ended up reunited with the Beach Boys later on. Another good example of this, Aerosmith came this close to firing Steven Tyler because of his antics and drug problems as well, similar to Scott’s. Steven threatened the band with a lawsuit and now Steven’s back in Aerosmith.

You see, what I’m trying to say here is that in a band you can have as many replacements and members over the years all you want to; however, you can’t replace founding members. Founding members are like something that is there forever, ya know what I mean? Founding members can re-join bands all they want to ’cause it is part of their thing. Lets talk about the band Guns N’ Roses, all the founding members Slash, Duff, Izzy, etc. They weren’t fired, they quit. They don’t re-join Guns N’ Roses ’cause they want to move on with their own careers and Axl doesn’t want them anyway.

Oasis broke-up, Noel Gallager moved on with his solo career and Liam went on with his band. They can come back as Oasis anytime they want to, ’cause they are “founding” members; they didn’t fire each other.

Lets talk about Black Sabbath. How come they went through so many changes over the years? Replacing too many members and now the three of the founding members are back in the band?  It’s because they can! Ozzy may have been fired from Sabbath years ago but he is able to re-join them today ’cause he is a “founding” member. How come Tony stayed with Black Sabbath over their 30 year or more career? Because Tony is the band’s main founder. Tony can’t get fired or get replaced. If he did, then the band would have to break up ’cause Tony is the main guy.

The same goes for STP guys. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like this musician. It doesn’t matter if he has personal problems, drug issues and all this stuff. When you’re a founding member of a band, you can’t get rid of him/her unless they choose to go out on their own or if they died.

I’ve been trying to point this all out to people but they just don’t get how the music business works. STP is Scott’s baby. While Chester taking over sounds like an interesting idea, it’s probably not gonna happen any further ’cause I see Scott re-joining STP in the near future. I can see Scott negotiating with the band pretty soon. Again, I wouldn’t blame all of this on Scott’s personal problems or drugs. From what I’m seeing Scott is looking very clean and healthy these days. He is currently on tour with the Wildabouts and he is about to get married to his fiance soon, so he must be doing good! It’s unfair to blame this on Scott. It’s unfair to jump to conclusions and badly judge! He seems like a good guy to me. Scott loves what he does. He wants to keep the music going and it seems he doesn’t care about this band drama. He just wants to do his thing, ya know? Scott Weiland is a talented guy. He’s one of the best rock singers out there and it’s a shame he gets so much disrespect.

It’s hypocritical of people to bash Scott because of his problems with drugs/alcohol when I’m sure many of you like musicians who are drug addicts and alcoholics that are worse than Scott. Scott will be back in STP. I can see it happening, just give it time. Chester is not gonna last long!


Stone Temple Pilots announces new frontman but so far, no response from Scott Weiland…

Today, the Stone Temple Pilots revealed their new singer. Who is it? It’s the singer from Linkin’ Park, Chester Bennington. Hear the new song by STP fronted by Chester in the audio-video below. Yes, the debate of Scott Weiland being fired from STP heats up even more online. I’m reading the comments in facebook on the STP official page, and a lot of fans say that if the other guys want to keep the music going, they should change their band name. Sorry to say but I’m gonna have to side with the fans on this one. I understand that the show needs to go on when terminating or replacing a singer but this is disrespectful to Scott if you think about it. It also disrespects the legacy of Stone Temple Pilots.

I posted a similar discussion in my own facebook page, and got into a heated debate about it with a couple of guys in my facebook. The argument was that the other guy said it would be lame to change their band name ’cause of a singer replacement on a business standpoint. I argued that if they’re gonna replace a singer they need to change the bandname ’cause Stone Temple Pilots was Scott’s baby. Yes, it’s true. Scott Weiland formed STP pretty much himself. Him and one of the Deleo brothers formed, Mighty Joe Young, and STP formed from there.

A lot of people want to mistakenly believe that STP was never really Scott’s band. They want to argue that STP was strictly a band, and they think they can fire, replace members all they want to. Sorry to say, but I’m going to explain that Scott has always been a prominent member of STP from the very beginning. He is pretty much the main guy of the band that you can’t really replace. Scott created the band himself, you can’t be kicked out of something you just created, ya know? Scott was the one who wrote most of STP’s catalog of songs especially the band’s biggest hits like “Plush”, “Wicked Garden”, “Interstate Love Song”, “Big Bang Baby”, etc. All of those were Scott’s tunes. Their first two albums, “Core” and “Purple” were multi-platinum records; they were a huge part of the grunge movement in the 90’s. Scott made all of that happen.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I understand bands want to keep their music going when getting rid of an important member. When they want to do something so risky, there’s a few reasons why changing their band name would be a good idea if they want to get rid of Scott Weiland. I’ll list em: 1) They should change the name out of respect for Scott Weiland ’cause this is making him look bad. 2) They should respect the legacy of STP with it’s four original members, the band had a great career and they shouldn’t ruin it 3) To avoid confusion with the fanbase and the media.

I’m reading all of these comments by the fans in facebook slamming STP for replacing Scott. I hear them, and I agree with the fans calling them out. The fans are just doing it out of love and they just want the band to be more professional about things so they know what they are talking about. Again, don’t get me wrong, their new song with Chester is not that bad, I dig the song actually but don’t release it under STP. LAME!!!!!!!!!!

So far, no response from Scott Weiland about getting replaced by the Linkin Park guy. I have a feeling that Scott is planning a big lawsuit against the other guys in STP. Whether they have the right to fire Scott or whether Scott has the right to stay in the band no matter what happens could be decided in the court room soon.

I do like STP, though. It’s just sad that these guys don’t want to get along. Yes, Scott Weiland has his personal problems but despite that just because you don’t like the guy don’t really mean you have to get rid of him. You can replace other members. Bands do make changes with members over the years, sure, but you can’t get rid of the band’s main guy. It’s just isn’t right on a professional level. I’m still siding with Scott, all the way.

I’m interested in seeing how this feud is gonna end, and I do hope Scott does take them to the court room. I wouldn’t really blame Scott’s so called firing over his drug-problems or personal issues. We don’t know the whole story, so don’t badly judge.