More on the so called Scott Weiland firing from STP…

Ya know, it really is amazing to me how the Scott Weiland firing from STP debate became so big on the internet. I’ve been reading fan comments of this story through facebook, blogs, and other music sites. It appears that Chester Bennington taking over STP has gotten mixed responses. Here is a short list of some of the responses that I’m seeing…

  • Some fans actually like the idea of Chester taking over STP and think he would be a good replacement
  • Sames fans feel that what STP is doing is wrong releasing a new song with a different singer, they shouldn’t release it under the STP name out of respect for Scott
  • Some fans believe that Scott is irreplaceable and HE IS STP
  • Some fans believe that STP has every right to fire/replace members because of a business decision with the band, even though they don’t like the idea of Chester taking over. 

I believe that covers it. Well, I’m still on the Scott is irreplaceable and he is STP side.

You see, like I explained like plenty of times in this blog, you can’t fire founding members of bands. People don’t understand that. Please name any bands from the past who have fired founding members. I bet you can’t think of many… because why? You can’t kick out someone who created something. Just like when you start a business and you’re the boss you can’t get fired unless you choose to go out yourself. The same goes for a band, ya know? Founding members have left famous bands before but they were never fired. If you “own” something; it’s yours forever.

Well, founding members have gotten thrown out of famous bands a few times before but it don’t happen much, and when it does that founding member is usually reunited with them later on. Lets pick a few perfect examples: the Scott Weiland controversy kind of reminds me of the Brian Wilson firing from the Beach Boys. Brian was fired from the band just while they were doing the 50th Anniversary tour and Brian heard about it when he read the press release. He too explained that he can’t be fired ’cause he was one of the band’s main founding members, he said he felt like the entire band got fired. Brian ended up reunited with the Beach Boys later on. Another good example of this, Aerosmith came this close to firing Steven Tyler because of his antics and drug problems as well, similar to Scott’s. Steven threatened the band with a lawsuit and now Steven’s back in Aerosmith.

You see, what I’m trying to say here is that in a band you can have as many replacements and members over the years all you want to; however, you can’t replace founding members. Founding members are like something that is there forever, ya know what I mean? Founding members can re-join bands all they want to ’cause it is part of their thing. Lets talk about the band Guns N’ Roses, all the founding members Slash, Duff, Izzy, etc. They weren’t fired, they quit. They don’t re-join Guns N’ Roses ’cause they want to move on with their own careers and Axl doesn’t want them anyway.

Oasis broke-up, Noel Gallager moved on with his solo career and Liam went on with his band. They can come back as Oasis anytime they want to, ’cause they are “founding” members; they didn’t fire each other.

Lets talk about Black Sabbath. How come they went through so many changes over the years? Replacing too many members and now the three of the founding members are back in the band?  It’s because they can! Ozzy may have been fired from Sabbath years ago but he is able to re-join them today ’cause he is a “founding” member. How come Tony stayed with Black Sabbath over their 30 year or more career? Because Tony is the band’s main founder. Tony can’t get fired or get replaced. If he did, then the band would have to break up ’cause Tony is the main guy.

The same goes for STP guys. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like this musician. It doesn’t matter if he has personal problems, drug issues and all this stuff. When you’re a founding member of a band, you can’t get rid of him/her unless they choose to go out on their own or if they died.

I’ve been trying to point this all out to people but they just don’t get how the music business works. STP is Scott’s baby. While Chester taking over sounds like an interesting idea, it’s probably not gonna happen any further ’cause I see Scott re-joining STP in the near future. I can see Scott negotiating with the band pretty soon. Again, I wouldn’t blame all of this on Scott’s personal problems or drugs. From what I’m seeing Scott is looking very clean and healthy these days. He is currently on tour with the Wildabouts and he is about to get married to his fiance soon, so he must be doing good! It’s unfair to blame this on Scott. It’s unfair to jump to conclusions and badly judge! He seems like a good guy to me. Scott loves what he does. He wants to keep the music going and it seems he doesn’t care about this band drama. He just wants to do his thing, ya know? Scott Weiland is a talented guy. He’s one of the best rock singers out there and it’s a shame he gets so much disrespect.

It’s hypocritical of people to bash Scott because of his problems with drugs/alcohol when I’m sure many of you like musicians who are drug addicts and alcoholics that are worse than Scott. Scott will be back in STP. I can see it happening, just give it time. Chester is not gonna last long!


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