How Scott Weiland is going to win the dismissal, all the way…

I just read the actual STP lawsuit that was filed against their former frontman, Scott Weiland. I read it over a couple of times.

Read it for yourself, here.

Harsh, very harsh. While you may read that lawsuit, I’m sure you’re going to mistakenly side with the band and you might agree that Scott deserves everything he’s getting. Well to be honest, it really sounds like the band is just telling they’re side of the story. So don’t believe everything they’ve written in their lawsuit.

You see here’s the thing, guys. The band claims that in 1996 they had each member sign a written agreement, the STP Partnership they were referring to. They claim that they have an STP Partnership group that if any member leaves a band they agree to not use the STP band name, songs, designs or any other trademarks for their other projects. I would think Scott has all the right to use the STP name and perform STP songs at his solo shows as he pleases.

I did a little research on trademarks and copyrights. You should too. Go to the trademark website, and look up the STP band name. All 4 original members of STP share the Stone Temple Pilots together. As long as all 4 members is a registrant to the Stone Temple Pilots name, I would think they can use the band name for their other projects all they want to. I also searched the copyright records for the STP song catalogue and it’s pretty much the same there as well. Most STP songs are copyrighted by all 4 members as a registrant. Therefor, Scott shares everything with the band like I’ve been repeatedly saying.

On top of that, the band accuses Scott of making the band look bad by using the STP name and performing their songs to push his solo career. Well if I remember correctly back in 2006 after STP parted ways for a while, Scotty went on to form the Velvet Revolver and the other three members of STP: Robert, Dean and Eric formed another band with that Filter singer in which they named that band, Army of Anyone. Well guess what? Yes, you betcha Army of Anyone used the STP name to help push the band out there and they performed STP songs at all of their shows. So honestly, the other guys: Robert, Dean and Eric are acting like hypocrites when they accuse Scott of these things. To explain the hypocrisy even more, they accuse Scott of stealing the band’s creation when they just released a Megaphone t-shirt; the Megaphone idea was all Scott’s.

I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know anything about the legal stuff but I’m just making observations.

I don’t believe there was ever a written agreement, the STP Partnership, that the band claims. If it was true, then Army of Anyone wouldn’t have used STP to push that band out there. They would have broken the agreement if they did.

Remember, the band is just telling their side of the story, and Scott is just telling his side of the story when he tries to defend himself. It’s all up for the judge to decide. I think STP will get no where with this lawsuit simple because Scott shares everything with them. The band could also be lying about everything they said about Scott being late for concerts and all that stuff.   If the other three guys can play STP songs with their other bands, then why can’t Scott?

On top of this, Scott is the lead singer of STP and he had a huge hand in writing all of the songs so that reason alone is why I believe he has every right to use the STP name and perform their songs all he wants to. He was the one who helped give the band that success so he deserves to celebrate what the band did in the past. The band should be proud of Scott of what he did with the band but nope…. ego and jealousy have to get in the way with everything. Like I said before, that’s the name of the game in the music business. You’re gonna come across a lot of people you can’t trust and a lot of backstabbing. A lot of drama around.

The band also accuses Scott of drug use, of course, but I wouldn’t really believe that either. Scott could be clean, healthy, and good as well.

I’ll be following this feud pretty closely so if anymore news come up in the future, I’ll post my thoughts. I still think Scott is innocent. I’m sure he’ll be successful at proving his innocence when he battles this out in court. It’ll be even better if they just bury the hatchet and act like grown ups but like I said bands are ego-driven pieces of crap, and they don’t care. The band accuses Scott of being selfish when they are the same.