Stone Temple Pilots announces new frontman but so far, no response from Scott Weiland…

Today, the Stone Temple Pilots revealed their new singer. Who is it? It’s the singer from Linkin’ Park, Chester Bennington. Hear the new song by STP fronted by Chester in the audio-video below. Yes, the debate of Scott Weiland being fired from STP heats up even more online. I’m reading the comments in facebook on the STP official page, and a lot of fans say that if the other guys want to keep the music going, they should change their band name. Sorry to say but I’m gonna have to side with the fans on this one. I understand that the show needs to go on when terminating or replacing a singer but this is disrespectful to Scott if you think about it. It also disrespects the legacy of Stone Temple Pilots.

I posted a similar discussion in my own facebook page, and got into a heated debate about it with a couple of guys in my facebook. The argument was that the other guy said it would be lame to change their band name ’cause of a singer replacement on a business standpoint. I argued that if they’re gonna replace a singer they need to change the bandname ’cause Stone Temple Pilots was Scott’s baby. Yes, it’s true. Scott Weiland formed STP pretty much himself. Him and one of the Deleo brothers formed, Mighty Joe Young, and STP formed from there.

A lot of people want to mistakenly believe that STP was never really Scott’s band. They want to argue that STP was strictly a band, and they think they can fire, replace members all they want to. Sorry to say, but I’m going to explain that Scott has always been a prominent member of STP from the very beginning. He is pretty much the main guy of the band that you can’t really replace. Scott created the band himself, you can’t be kicked out of something you just created, ya know? Scott was the one who wrote most of STP’s catalog of songs especially the band’s biggest hits like “Plush”, “Wicked Garden”, “Interstate Love Song”, “Big Bang Baby”, etc. All of those were Scott’s tunes. Their first two albums, “Core” and “Purple” were multi-platinum records; they were a huge part of the grunge movement in the 90’s. Scott made all of that happen.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I understand bands want to keep their music going when getting rid of an important member. When they want to do something so risky, there’s a few reasons why changing their band name would be a good idea if they want to get rid of Scott Weiland. I’ll list em: 1) They should change the name out of respect for Scott Weiland ’cause this is making him look bad. 2) They should respect the legacy of STP with it’s four original members, the band had a great career and they shouldn’t ruin it 3) To avoid confusion with the fanbase and the media.

I’m reading all of these comments by the fans in facebook slamming STP for replacing Scott. I hear them, and I agree with the fans calling them out. The fans are just doing it out of love and they just want the band to be more professional about things so they know what they are talking about. Again, don’t get me wrong, their new song with Chester is not that bad, I dig the song actually but don’t release it under STP. LAME!!!!!!!!!!

So far, no response from Scott Weiland about getting replaced by the Linkin Park guy. I have a feeling that Scott is planning a big lawsuit against the other guys in STP. Whether they have the right to fire Scott or whether Scott has the right to stay in the band no matter what happens could be decided in the court room soon.

I do like STP, though. It’s just sad that these guys don’t want to get along. Yes, Scott Weiland has his personal problems but despite that just because you don’t like the guy don’t really mean you have to get rid of him. You can replace other members. Bands do make changes with members over the years, sure, but you can’t get rid of the band’s main guy. It’s just isn’t right on a professional level. I’m still siding with Scott, all the way.

I’m interested in seeing how this feud is gonna end, and I do hope Scott does take them to the court room. I wouldn’t really blame Scott’s so called firing over his drug-problems or personal issues. We don’t know the whole story, so don’t badly judge.


4 thoughts on “Stone Temple Pilots announces new frontman but so far, no response from Scott Weiland…”

  1. They haven’t put out a good record in almost 20 years. I don’t think it really matters who their singer is.

    1. It does matter. Scott formed the band himself, and that is what people can’t get through their heads. A lot of people want to mistakenly believe that STP is nothing to Scott but the band really is important to Scott if you think about it. They’ve may have been nothing special since their first two albums, I agree, but they were an important part of the grunge era in the 90’s. That’s what made them special. I don’t think Chester or any other singer has what it takes to sing those STP hits. Only Scott can sing those songs.


  2. Scott may have formed the band (though the DeLeo brothers might have had something to do with that as well), but his drug problems have really let the others down, and they want to get back to playing music.

    Let me ask this. What if Scott had died from drug OD? Could they still move on as STP? AC/DC did when Bon Scott died, and Bon Scott was a pretty big part of their sound. Or is it the fact that Scott is still alive? Because then Paul Dianno was a big part of Iron Maiden’s sound and he was out of the band for the same reasons.

    Because I think if you’re causing that much trouble with your drug use, that you shouldn’t be surprised if the others want to leave you behind.

    1. Still though, you’re blaming Scott’s so called firing on the drugs. Everyone wants to blame everything on the drugs. There is no proof or evidence of Scott using drugs currently, it’s all just speculation. I can understand why everyone wants to blame it on the drugs ’cause Scott has had a long history of it and he even went to prison for a long time for his drug use. That’s why everyone thinks Scotty is the badguy in this.

      Here’s a question… how come the rest of the band aren’t the bad guys in this? How come Robert, Dean, and Eric are not to blame? What if they had bigger ego’s than Scott? What if Scott is right that this is a publicity stunt for them to sell more tickets? How come the band don’t get so much hate for booting Scott? Oh that’s right, it’s got to be the fucking drugs. The drugs wants to make the rest of the band look like angels so they’re the good guys. Don’t you think the band could have thought to themselves… “Hmmmmmm… I have an idea of what could make us even more popular and bigger stars. Lets kick out Scott so people can blame it on the drugs.”. I believe that’s what’s going on here. The rest of the band acting like assholes to Scotty.

      If you want to blame drugs on everything, that makes you the asshole too, sorry to say. Like I said in another post, Scott is a pretty clean guy currently, I believe. He already has straightened out his life and trying to make himself a better person. His new fiance said he has been pretty clean for the past several years now.


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