Scott Weiland finally responds to STP replacing him with Chester Bennington…

Scott Weiland, the man himself, finally took to his facebook page yesterday to write his thoughts about STP replacing him with Chester Bennington. Scott is just like all of us. He first heard about Chester joining by reading it on the internet and he also agrees with most fans that they should change their band name if they want to move on with a different singer. Scott said in his post, he doesn’t care if the other guys want to move on without him, he just doesn’t want the band releasing new music and performing live under the STP name.

Read Scott’s message, here.

Scott makes a whole lot of sense that the 4 original guys had a special career together and he just wants the band’s legacy to be respected. Replacing any of the members will just tarnish the legacy of the band. He just wants the band to be left as those 4 original founders like I’ve been trying to explain. The Stone Temple Pilots were one of the most successful bands in the 90’s grunge movement. Scott just wants that to be respected.

I understand that bands wants to move on with their music ’cause they love what they do; they just need to be more professional about things. This is pretty unfair to Scott and it’s making him look bad. Scott owns part of the trademark to the STP names and he owns the copyright to pretty much the whole STP catalog of music. That’s why Scott is able to play STP hits during his solo “Purple to the Core” tour.

Robert, Dean, and Eric are great musicians. They seem like they’re good guys, don’t get me wrong. They should have just left STP alone and start a new band if they wanted to move on without Scott out of respect for the legacy of STP. They had a good career. They had 6 successful albums together.

Now I’ve read a report that STP has already sued Scott Weiland which is what Scott was probably responding to. The band wants to stop him from using the STP name to further his solo career and they want Scott to stop performing STP songs at his solo shows. That’s gonna be kind of tough to do ’cause like I said Scott owns part of the copyrights to the songs, so the other guys in the band will have to try and win the rights from Scott. It’s gonna be a tough battle.

I’m still siding with Scott on this. I hope Scott will win the dismissal and hope he will counter-sue which he probably will. I think Scott will win this whole battle. He will prevail. I wish him good luck.

Read the full report, here.


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