If there was ever a Rambo reboot, who does Sly want as a replacement???

Sly Stallone is out doing a bunch of TV interviews to promote his new movie, “Creed” in which Rocky Balboa returns. The interviewer asked Sly an interesting question that if Rambo got replaced, who would Sly want to be playing Rambo next whenever Sly is done with the franchise?

There is probably gonna end up being a “Rambo” reboot. Sly is gonna do one more Rambo himself and after that he’s done. Hollywood will probably reboot Rambo after “Rambo V”.

So who does Sly want as a replacement? Sly replied Ryan Gosling and I agree! Ryan Gosling would make an excellent replacement. In case you didn’t realize, Ryan Gosling had a hand in starring in some action movies over the years. Ryan can be a pretty tough and violent guy especially in movies like “Drive”, “The Place Beyond The Pines” and “Gangster Squad”.

Ryan would make a great replacement. While Ryan’s got a good enough bodybuilding physique, he’s gonna have to be even bigger for the Rambo role, though ’cause you know how huge Sly was for Rambo II & III, Sly was massive back in the day. Ryan’s gonna have to get huge muscles for that role for sure. Great choice, Sly! I agree.


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