Does the liberal left love corrupted people in government? I’m beginning to think they do…

So lets make some observations here shall we. We all know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both corrupted people… there’s no doubt about that. You can also throw Bernie Sanders in the list. Each time we see the liberal left loving a liberal politician chances are that politician is gonna be corrupted. That corrupted politician will also have ties to communism so I also take it that the left loves communism as well? Does the libtard left hate America as well? Do they even want America destroyed? I think the left knows what Barack, Hillary’s and Bernie’s goals are is flush America down the toilet and that’s what the left wants them to do. Maybe that’s why the left finds all 3 heroic?

You do all your best to tell liberals how corrupted they are, they’ll never listen to you. They’ll defend them no matter the situation. No matter what you say and no matter how much you prove, the left will dispute everything you say. They really are a piece of work. Liberals like to pretend liberal politicians aren’t bad people when they really are. Liberals know they are bad and they know they’re just as corrupted as the Republican party. The left will never admit it.

Any left-wing politician that has a vision of destroying America, liberals will love that politician ’cause once again, they hate America too. You can tell that liberals are anti-America totally. No question about it.

It’s real sad what this country has come to. If you hate America, then get the fuck out. Nobody’s asking you to stay here.


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