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The idea of movies being released in theaters and on streaming serVices is Dumb anyways… Scarlett Johansson is right to Sue Disney….

This is a good move and finally a movie star is fighting back at the idea of movies being released in theaters and streaming services simultaneously. It seems that Scarlett Johansson isn’t too fond of that idea. Reasons being is that she feels that she’ll be getting paid lesser than she thought and yes, this idea definitely hurts the actors financially and it isn’t right.


HBO Max was the first to start this idea, release a bunch of movies simultaneously on streaming and theaters at the same time but nobody criticized that idea until Disney started doing it.

It’s a stupid move. Huge movies shouldn’t be released at two different places at the same time ’cause like I said above it hurts the actors financially and it also hurts the box office as well.

All major movies should be released in theaters exclusively and only in theaters… ’cause most importantly, movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with, not on the small screen. It’s about the movie theater going experience, ya know?

It’s more fun watching big movies on the big screen in theaters for the incredible picture and the “loud” sound when watching the action pictures. That’s how the “Black Widow” movie is supposed to be seen.

Is Scarlett doing this ’cause she’s egotistical like some people would think? No. I’m sure she worked real hard on that movie and gave her blood, sweat and tears so she deserves to get that full pay all the way. She seems real proud of that movie and wants to protect it in some way.

I hope she wins this lawsuit but I doubt it. Disney is a powerful company so it’ll be a difficult battle. She’s a brave lady for this, though. Makes me love her even more and I want to see “Black Widow” myself. I’ll go see it in a theater ’cause once again, that’s how movies were supposed to be seen.


What’s wrong with Travolta kissing Scar Jo on the cheek?

The internet seems to be mad at John Travolta for giving Scarlett Johansson a kiss on the cheek. The kiss on the cheek is no big deal. Just a “peck”, that’s all it is and sure enough, the internet is calling Travolta a creep. Can you blame Travolta? I can’t. I mean who wouldn’t wanna give Scarlett a peck on the cheek? I would!

On top of that, there is nothing wrong with giving women a peck on the cheek ’cause I do it all the time whenever I go out. Whenever I go out to a band show, party or a bar and if there’s women around… I’ll have no problem giving them a peck on the cheek. You know what? Most of the time, women don’t mind it and they don’t care. They “love it”. If they didn’t love it, they would let you know by pushing you away or giving you a slap across the face but most of them won’t do that. They would usually give you a smile and look at you shyly giving you signs that they admired your confidence. It’s called being the “alpha male”.

You don’t wanna give random women a peck on the cheek, of course. It’s okay if you do it to women you know or if you just met her for the first time and have been talking to her for a while is fine too. Most of them won’t care and they like the attention of being “loved” anyways.

I think people just attack Travolta out of jealousy ’cause they wish they could kiss Scar Jo too. Right? Admit it, y’all!


Thoughts on Scarlett Johansson in “Ghost In The Shell” live-action movie…

I am probably one of the very few who have never seen the “Ghost In The Shell” anime film and I probably should check it out so maybe I’ll rent the movie from Netflix soon. I know there’s gonna be a lot of Scarjo haters slamming her for getting this role but I think it’s a great choice. People accuse actresses like Scarjo and Jennifer Lawrence for starring in everything but that’s just a bunch of bullshit. How come American movie fans haven’t slammed the male actors for getting every role? Double standard? It’s predictable that the more these young actresses star in big films, the more hate they’re gonna get but they don’t give the males the same flak for starring in every role. When men slam these young women getting big movie roles, I think that’s a big sign of jealousy for sure.

Jennifer and Scarjo getting big movie roles lately is well deserved, in my opinion. Keep in mind these two gorgeous ladies didn’t get there overnight. They’ve been acting in film for many years. Back in the days when no one knew who they were.

Scarjo’s been acting in films since she was 9 so she deserves all the big roles.

The critics are also gonna slam this movie that they should get an Asian actress for “The Ghost In The Shell” role but they’re obviously heading into a more American direction. They want “Ghost in the Shell” to be an American live-action version obviously and I think that’s a good idea. The “Ghost In The Shell” character is sexy and has large boobs. Scarjo has that so I think she’s perfect for the role and looking forward to it.

Why do people have to be so opinionated and negative this soon? This is why I go by my own opinion alone ’cause I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. I don’t to have to side with popular opinion.


Cool Video: “Hitchcock” trailer is here, and surprisingly looks very good too!

I was skeptical of this, but after seeing this trailer, the film looks promising. Anthony Hopkins looks great as Hitchcock, that guy can play anything that throws at him. I’ll be there for this one, I think. The film is about the making of “Psycho”, it’s not really a straight up biopic.



Report: Scarlett Johansson was original choice to play Lisbeth Salander but was dropped by David Fincher…

“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is on the cover of this month’s “Vogue” magazine, and David Fincher talks about the film in that issue. He said, Scarlett Johansson, was the original choice to play Lisbeth Salander, but she was dropped, and he decided to hire Rooney Mara for the role instead.

David does explain why he dropped Scarlett. He basically said that if he had Scarlett in the movie, everyone will expect her to get naked. Lisbeth was supposed to be like a children’s character (Remember, she was inspired by Pippi Longstocking), so David compared her to, E.T. , to give you an example. He wanted the Lisbeth character to be lovable, like E.T. He felt Scarlett didn’t have that, I guess.  He was impressed with her acting during her audition, though.

Read the full story, here.

I’m sure Scarlett would have done a great job but her boobs are too big. In the book, Lisbeth’s boobs were described as small.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the “Dragon Tattoo” movie, I will see it in theater and I hope it won’t be disappointing. I’m sure Fincher will do justice with the book.



Report: Christopher Cheney, the Scarlett Johansson hacker, apologizes and admits his mistakes…

Christopher Cheney, the Florida man, who hacked into Scarlett Johansson’s cell phone and hacked into many other celebs computers, did an interview with a local FOX station. He apologizes to the victims and admits his wrong doings. He said the reason he did it, was out of curiosity. He just became addicted in seeing what’s going on in celebs personal lives.

More on the story, here.

Watching that video interview he did, he seems like an innocent and harmless, fellow. I disagree with the 121 years in prison he’s getting over this, though. That’s way out of line in my opinion. I mean, it’s not like Christopher killed anybody or anything like that. I think the prison sentence should be way shorter. I would say maybe 10 – 20 years, but being in prison until he’s dead, is just wrong, just my opinion.

He’s not a dangerous man, he just did this to entertain himself, in his defense. I can see why he would become addicted to it, ’cause if I was an expert computer hacker, I would probably do the same thing.

He seems like a friendly and innocent guy who just made a mistake. We all make ’em. He shouldn’t get 121 years for this. Hopefully he’ll file an appeal to fight to make it shorter.

I think I’m siding with him.



Report: Scarlett Johansson, nude photo hacker caught…

Well this didn’t take long! The FBI has their guy. A 35 year old Florida man named, Christohper Chaney, was indicted on hacking into computers, damaging protected computers, wiretapping and identity theft. Scarlett Johansson wasn’t his only victim. He hacked into 50 other computers, most of them celebrities.

More on the story, here.

No matter how anonymous people get on the computer, there are always ways for you to get traced. You can run, but you can’t hide.

I totally agree with the advice, if you don’t want this happening to you, don’t take nude photos at all. Taking nude photos of yourself maybe fun for your own privacy, but people will always find ’em, ya never know. Just be careful doing it.


Thought: More on Scarlett Johansson nude pics controversy…

Well, ScarJo’s on the fight for getting her nude pics off the internet completely. Why? If she didn’t want her nude pics online, then she shouldn’t have done it in the first place. This was her own fault that this happened. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time she took nude pics of herself, I’m sure she has plenty more. It’s just that she did a stupid move by doing it on a cell phone.

In reality, there’s nothing wrong with taking nude pics of yourself, people do this stuff all the time, but do it responsibly and carefully.

She is smoking hot though, I’d date her myself if I could!


Cool Photos: Scarlett Johansson nude photos leaked to the web…

Actress, Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity victim of hacked nude photos leaked to the web…

See them here at Perez Hilton’s unrated website.

Yep, that’s definitely her. I’m surprised her boobs are pretty natural looking. There’s no evidence of breast implants at all. She has a great body, and nice ass, as I expected.

If Sean Penn really banged her, then he’s one lucky guy.


Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are dating???

It seems that Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have been spending so much together. TMZ posted a questionable pic of this rumored couple at a lunch date, where Scarlett is seen moving her leg up between Sean’s legs as you can clearly see.

See the photo, here.

Scarlett is 26 and Sean is 50. Definitely an age difference. I’m sure many people are finding this pairing creepy and disturbing, but in their defense, there is nothing wrong with it. Age doesn’t make a difference, right? Besides, couples dating at the same age are over, it seems that couples with an age difference are rising.

If Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore can be a couple, why can’t Sean and Scarlett?

Dating someone older is better. They’re easier to talk to and more fun to be with than dating someone your own age. Sean is a single man now, he has been for a long time. He divorced Robin Wright Penn a long while back. So Sean can get all the ladies he wants now. I can’t blame him for going for the younger women.

Maybe they are not even a couple and Scarlett is just being flirty, that’s all! Maybe Sean and Scarlett are planning a film together and not actually dating at all.