The idea of movies being released in theaters and on streaming serVices is Dumb anyways… Scarlett Johansson is right to Sue Disney….

This is a good move and finally a movie star is fighting back at the idea of movies being released in theaters and streaming services simultaneously. It seems that Scarlett Johansson isn’t too fond of that idea. Reasons being is that she feels that she’ll be getting paid lesser than she thought and yes, this idea definitely hurts the actors financially and it isn’t right.

HBO Max was the first to start this idea, release a bunch of movies simultaneously on streaming and theaters at the same time but nobody criticized that idea until Disney started doing it.

It’s a stupid move. Huge movies shouldn’t be released at two different places at the same time ’cause like I said above it hurts the actors financially and it also hurts the box office as well.

All major movies should be released in theaters exclusively and only in theaters… ’cause most importantly, movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with, not on the small screen. It’s about the movie theater going experience, ya know?

It’s more fun watching big movies on the big screen in theaters for the incredible picture and the “loud” sound when watching the action pictures. That’s how the “Black Widow” movie is supposed to be seen.

Is Scarlett doing this ’cause she’s egotistical like some people would think? No. I’m sure she worked real hard on that movie and gave her blood, sweat and tears so she deserves to get that full pay all the way. She seems real proud of that movie and wants to protect it in some way.

I hope she wins this lawsuit but I doubt it. Disney is a powerful company so it’ll be a difficult battle. She’s a brave lady for this, though. Makes me love her even more and I want to see “Black Widow” myself. I’ll go see it in a theater ’cause once again, that’s how movies were supposed to be seen.


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