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Report: Sean Penn is finally ready to go back to work on film!

After dropping out of the “Three Stooges” movie and several other films to focus on his personal life, Sean Penn has finally decided he’s ready to return to film. Sean took a short break from Hollywood due to his nasty divorce with Robin Wright Penn and getting in trouble with the law for being up a papparazo. During his hiatus from Hollywood, Sean did some work over in Haiti.

Now Sean is attached to produce and possibly star in a biopic film about surfing legend, Doc Paskowitz.

More on it here:


To those who thinks it’s weird that Sean is involved with a surfing movie, it should be no secret that Sean Penn always had a love for surfing. Sean did surfing movies before.

Remember the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”? He played a surfer in that movie: