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“Halloween Kills” was very impressive!!! Loved it!!!

So yesterday I saw the movie “Halloween Kills”, yes the new Michael Myers movie. As some of you may or may not know, this new Halloween series going on takes place after the first one, completely ignoring the rest of the series. So this new series is a continuation after the first one.

A lot of the characters are played by the same people from the first one except for that little kid in the first one, Tommy Doyle, the kid with the bowl cut hair who discovered the Boogeyman aka Michael Myers. The original actor who played Tommy Doyle, whose name is Brian Andrews is retired from acting I think. That’s why they ended up getting child star legend, Anthony Michael Hall to play Tommy instead. Yes, that Anthony Michael Hall who played in movies like “The Breakfast Club”, “Weird Science”, “Sixteen Candles”, “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, etc. He was part of the brat pack in the 80’s and now he’s one of the leading roles in a Halloween movie. Anthony Michael Hall did a good job, though. I was impressed with him.

Michael Myers is still being played by the same guy, Nick Castle. Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and the cop guy from the first one, Brackett is played by the same actor too.

I think the director David Gordon Green is doing a fine job with these movies. Does a good job trying to match Carpenter’s style. This is a guy who mostly makes Drama and Comedy films which is impressive, really.

I thought the story was pretty well written and the kills in this movie, man. The Myers kills in this movie getting real interesting and different. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers in this movie and I don’t want to say whether or not Laurie and Michael faces each other, you’ll have to find out yourself.

There’s one more Halloween movie after this one which will be the final one, “Halloween Ends” but it’s gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna kill Michael for good.

Since this movie “Halloween Kills” is streaming on Peacock, I decided to watch movie on the big screen instead first ’cause that’s how movies were supposed to be seen, ya know? It’s more fun seeing movies on the big screen with the giant screen and loud speakers. I went to see it with a friend of mine ’cause not everybody subscribes to Peacock, ya know?

I’m probably gonna re-watch “Halloween Kills” ’cause I’m planning to start at the beginning with the Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2018). Halloween day is just around the corner and I’ve been watching a Halloween horror movie marathon myself.

“Halloween Kills” was brilliant but I”m sure the next movie is gonna be even better. Trust!


New “Halloween” movie trailer is out… Michael Myers is back and so is the original Laurie Strode…

The new “Halloween” movie trailer dropped this week and I got goosebumps watching it! Looks fucking awesome, I would say! I’m a huge Halloween fan. I’ve seen all of the movies… even the two Rob Zombie “Halloween” films.

Some of you may ask, why was this new movie made??? Well, John Carpenter always had a pure dislike for the sequels that came after the original Halloween and if you do a little google research, Carpenter had some negative things to say about Rob Zombie’s two “Halloween” films. The studio Blumhouse/Miramax were in development of a new Halloween film and they brought John Carpenter in to help out with the script some. John Carpenter also scored the music for the new movie as well. Carpenter didn’t like all the other Halloween movies and he wanted Michael Myers to be more frightening than the Rob Zombie version.

So this film wants to ignore everything else about Halloween (sequels/remakes) and this new film is going to be a direct sequel of the Carpenter’s 1978 original. This means that Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie Strode and Nick Castle is back as Michael Myers.

In this trailer, I loved how they honored Dr. Loomis by showing a drawing of him so that was a nice tribute to Donald Pleasance. Just to remind you, Donald Pleasance passed away in 1995 so obviously he won’t be able to come back, but I’m sure he gets mentioned a lot and I’m pretty sure there might be a few Dr. Loomis flashbacks from the original movie.

I’m excited for this film and I can’t wait. As long as John Carpenter was involved with this film, I’m sure it’ll be really good. Hopefully this movie does well in the box office and I’m sure it will. It could be a box office smash.


Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode for the fifth and final time in new “Halloween” movie…

There have been a new Halloween movie in the works for a long while now. It has been announced last year by Miramax and Blumhouse studios with John Carpenter executive producing the film. The new Halloween film will not be a reboot, and it will not have anything to do with the Rob Zombie films at all. In fact, the new Halloween film will be a continuation of the original series. This will be the 9th Halloween film that will continue after Halloween: Resurrection (released in 2002). The new film will be directed by David Gordon Green. Jamie Lee Curtis is also set to reprise her role as Laurie Strode for the fifth and last time as this will be the final film of the original series.

Read more here:


Interesting. Wondering how this is all gonna end? Will Michael Myers finally be dead once and for all or will Laurie Strode get killed off? This is horror so anything is possible. Maybe neither one will happen, and they could come up with a different ending that will shock people.

Will the new Halloween movie use the main theme for the opening title? They probably will. I really do hope John Carpenter will score the music for the film as well ’cause that would be awesome.

I have seen all the Halloween movies, even the two Rob Zombie films he did. They can make as many Halloween films as they please but nothing will top the first one. The first one is a classic. That film I’ll never get tired of watching over and over again; although, I do think Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers would have to be the best one of the sequels.



New “Halloween” film to start filming in July…

Dimension announced that a new Halloween film is returning to the big screen and filming will begin in July. The title of the next installment will be, “Halloween Returns” and the script was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan who wrote many of the “Saw” sequels. The film will also be directed by Marcus Dunstan.


The story is gonna be a standalone film — in which it won’t have anything to do with the original series or the two Rob Zombie films… here is the plot:


I’m sure Dimension really wanted Rob Zombie back but I remember Rob saying he would never do “Halloween 3”. I guess he wanted to move on from it. He wouldn’t tell us why…


So since Rob isn’t coming back for the next one, Dimension decided to come up with their own story.

I wonder what the Michael Myers mask is gonna look like for the next one? I hope they bring the original William Shatner mask back… I don’t want the Rob Zombie mask.

I know the two Rob Zombie films weren’t everyone’s favorite but I’m probably one of the very few who loved Rob’s two “Halloween” films. Yeah I loved them both! It’s kind of too bad he doesn’t want to come back to 3 but I understand how he wants to move on and do his own thing. Maybe it is best they move on without Rob since “Halloween II” didn’t do so well in the box office.

This new movie will probably come out next Halloween, not this year. Hopefully they do a good job with it.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #11: Halloween 1 – 2 (Rob Zombie directed)

The two Rob Zombie “Halloween” remakes got mixed reviews, the 2nd one was most hated than the 1st, but I personally enjoyed them both. I loved Rob Zombie’s unique way of film making and storytelling. Tyler Mane is a good choice for the new, Michael Myers. I thought both of these films were brilliant, and I plan to re-watch them both pretty soon. I have both on DVD. What people don’t understand is that Rob Zombie likes to focus on the badguy more than the goodguy, so his focus is entirely on Michael Myers throughout both of these films. I don’t care if other people loved or hated the films, I go by own opinion alone. These were excellent flicks! I think ROb Zombie is one of the best horror film directors out there, he really knows his stuff.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #1: John Carpenter’s “Halloween”…

Usually, every year, I would do a top 15 horror film list in the month of Oct., to recommend horror flicks for readers to see on Halloween. I just thought of a better plan. Instead of doing the typical yearly top 15 list, I thought I would do something different. Something a little better. I thought it would be cool to post one video a day of a favorite horror film of mine. One video a day, of a different film, leading up to Halloween Day itself on Oct. 31st.

Tonight, I’ll start off with this one, John Capenter’s “Halloween”, 1978 film with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is my favorite horror flick of all time, I watch it every year Halloween night. You learn something new every time you watch it. This film is indeed a classic. It’s definitely one of those films you can watch over and over again, and never get tired of it.

Enjoy the best scene of the whole film.


Report: First look at new Michael Myers for “H2”, plus, Rob says he will take Michael to the extremes!!!

Rob Zombie, director of the new “H2” Halloween sequel, gave a first look preview of the new Michael Myers mask.

He also says that Michael Myers will be even more evil than before. Michael will be more intense, bigger, meaner, and nastier. Tyler Mane is set to reprise his role as Michael.

More on it here:


Very cool. Hope he sticks to his word that Michael will be meaner. Keep it up Rob!