The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #1: John Carpenter’s “Halloween”…

Usually, every year, I would do a top 15 horror film list in the month of Oct., to recommend horror flicks for readers to see on Halloween. I just thought of a better plan. Instead of doing the typical yearly top 15 list, I thought I would do something different. Something a little better. I thought it would be cool to post one video a day of a favorite horror film of mine. One video a day, of a different film, leading up to Halloween Day itself on Oct. 31st.

Tonight, I’ll start off with this one, John Capenter’s “Halloween”, 1978 film with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is my favorite horror flick of all time, I watch it every year Halloween night. You learn something new every time you watch it. This film is indeed a classic. It’s definitely one of those films you can watch over and over again, and never get tired of it.

Enjoy the best scene of the whole film.


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