Report: And your host for the 85th Annual Academy Awards is… Seth McFarlane!!!

Seth McFarlane, is not only well known for creating the “Family Guy”, which is a cartoon series that all of us love, he is a man of many different talents. He is also a musician and singer, so I’m sure the Academy wanted him ’cause he would be entertaining for a funny song and dance musical. He is a talented guy. I enjoy the “Family Guy” like most people, I try to watch it when I get around to it. It’s a funny as hell show.

See the Academy’s Press Release about it, here.

Finally! A good host for the Oscars, other than having Steve Martin or Billy Crystal, all the damn time! Hopefully Seth, stays committed to hosting the show and won’t back out. I know the Oscars have had trouble trying to find a host the last few years.

It’s too early for Oscar nomination predictions, but I do have a feeling that “The Master” or Spielberg’s “Lincoln” will score the most nominations. It’s going to be a big year for Spielberg again.

Hear Seth singing in the video below.


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