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Report: And your host for the 85th Annual Academy Awards is… Seth McFarlane!!!

Seth McFarlane, is not only well known for creating the “Family Guy”, which is a cartoon series that all of us love, he is a man of many different talents. He is also a musician and singer, so I’m sure the Academy wanted him ’cause he would be entertaining for a funny song and dance musical. He is a talented guy. I enjoy the “Family Guy” like most people, I try to watch it when I get around to it. It’s a funny as hell show.

See the Academy’s Press Release about it, here.

Finally! A good host for the Oscars, other than having Steve Martin or Billy Crystal, all the damn time! Hopefully Seth, stays committed to hosting the show and won’t back out. I know the Oscars have had trouble trying to find a host the last few years.

It’s too early for Oscar nomination predictions, but I do have a feeling that “The Master” or Spielberg’s “Lincoln” will score the most nominations. It’s going to be a big year for Spielberg again.

Hear Seth singing in the video below.


Report: “The Family Guy” Season 6. DVD set out in stores NOW!!!

Are you a fan of the hit TV show “The Family Guy” that is created by Seth McFarlane? Have you been collecting the DVD sets? Well “The Family Guy” Season Six just hit stores everywhere today.

The information on the DVD set:

Stewie will “Damn you all!” if fans don’t catch the latest collection of uproariously irreverent “Family Guy” adventures, as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents the “Family Guy” Volume Six DVD collection on October 21. A pop culture phenomenon the collection features the show’s 100th episode and a total of 12 edgy episodes from Seasons Five and Six. Catch the Griffin clan’s ridiculously hilarious antics such as Stewie’s not-so-successful attempt to kill Lois, Brian’s discovery that he is a father and patriarch Peter’s frequent visits to the Drunken Clam.

Here are three behind the scenes clips of “The Family Guy’s” 100th episode which is included in Season 6 DVD set.

As a fan of “The Family Guy” TV show, I’m looking forward to seeing this. For you other die hard “Family Guy” fans out there, hope you’re looking forward to getting a copy of this DVD set of “Family Guy” Season 6.Enjoy!!!