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Thought: Why I believe Amy Adams was chosen as Lois Lane…

Amy Adams being picked as Lois Lane for the new “Superman” movie is getting so much mixed opinions online. Some say she’s too old for the role (she’s 36), some say she doesn’t have the look, and some say she doesn’t have the right hair color.

Now if I remember correctly, Lois Lane, did have red hair before, in the comics. I forgot about that. Keep in mind that Lois Lane’s look was inspired by Jerry Siegel’s wife, Joanne Carter, and the Lois Lane name was borrowed from a singer named, Lola Lane.

Lois was a woman, who worked at the Daily Planet as this reporter, who competed with Clark Kent as a writer. Lois was a brave woman who would do anything risky and dangerous, just to get a story. She was also obsessed with revealing Clark’s true identity. That’s her personality with the Superman franchise. She is supposed to be a tough and aggressive woman. She didn’t mess around and she was very serious.

Zack Snyder said plenty of times that this is going to be a different Superman movie. It won’t be based on any of the comics or the other movies. It’ll feel like there have been no Superman movies like he said before. That’s why Amy was picked. She’s different. People say Amy is too old for Henry Cavill? Well Margot Kidder was older than Christopher Reeve, right? YES.

Lois Lane doesn’t need to be a hot barbie doll. Zack wanted this movie to be “realistic”. Amy is a normal looking woman, that’s why she is hired. She doesn’t have to have breast implants and plastic surgery. That’s not Amy. That’s not what Lois is supposed to be. They don’t want another Margot Kidder version of Lois Lane, maybe that’s another reason why she was hired. Amy just gave her own style to the character, which I believe is what the film makers wanted.

Even if they want Lois to have brunette hair, they can change Amy’s hair color just for the movie alone. That’s what the hair stylist’s job is. Lois Lane is a very important character and she needs to be real. If you seen Amy’s acting in other movies like “Enchanted” and “The Fighter”, she makes all of her characters seem so real. Maybe that’s another reason she was hired. Plus she’s a fucking good actress and pretty hot.

I think she deserves the role and she’s going to nail it.


Thought: Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane? Please not her!

Rumors hit the internet, that Anne Hathaway could be the top contender to play Lois Lane in Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder “Superman” for Warner Bros. My thoughts? I think that’s a bad choice. I like Anne Hathaway. She’s a good actress, but she won’t be good for Lois Lane.

I think the new Lois Lane should be similar to Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane from the earlier “Superman” movies. Margot Kidder obviously played the best Lois Lane, no other actress could top her. Lois Lane is a lady that is always aggressive and she’s one tough lady. She’ll do anything to get an article or photos for the Daily Planet newspaper no matter how dangerous things are. Anne Hathaway doesn’t fit. She’s not aggressive and mean enough. Lois Lane is supposed to be like that. Plus, Lois Lane isn’t supposed to be all that sexy and beautiful.

I’d go for actresses such as Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johannson or Hillary Swank. Lois needs to be played by an actress with talent.

I think it would be cool if Margot Kidder herself, made a cameo appearance in the new “Superman” movie Zack Snyder is doing. Maybe not her as Lois Lane, but a small role for Margot. Yes, Margot is still alive and well.

I also hope that new rumored Superman plot, where Clark goes to West Africa is a complete lie. If the West Africa plot is true, then the plot will suck. It should be taken place in Metropolis. No Smallville stuff ’cause we’ve seen enough of that already. I’m sure Zack and Chris won’t disappoint us with the plot. It’s interesting to me how they are keeping quiet on everything. I’m patiently waiting to hear more about Superman. Who’s going to play Superman and other cast members. I need to know the plot, who the villains will be. We’ll know all that stuff soon. Hope they don’t make us wait long.