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Report: Anne Hathaway is the female lead for Christopher Nolan’s, “Interstellar”…

Well, it’s no surprise that the “Interstellar”, movie by Christopher Nolan is planning to have a female lead ’cause I already called on it. It is also no surprise that Nolan is going to start hiring cast members from his Batman trilogy. Anne Hathaway is nearing a deal to star alongside, Matthew McConaughey, for “Interstellar”, the space travel sci-fi movie. Spoiler alert: Matt and Anne are both lovers in the film, HA! Kidding, I don’t know about that honestly, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Anne is the love interest for Matt.

Who is next to get casted for this movie? Morgan Freeman? Michael Caine? Christian Bale? Aaron Eckhart?

Deadline reports.

Say what you want about Anne Hathaway, but I always loved her and admired her. I’ve been watching her films for a long while. Speaking of Anne Hathaway, I bought the film, “Les Miserables”, on Blu Ray last week. Haven’t watched it yet, but I will when I finish watching the “Game of Thrones – Season 2” DVD box set.

I still stand by it that “Les Miserables”, was the best movie of 2012. It really was a great film and that should have been the one to get the BEST PICTURE win. Anne Hathaway was obviously the best part of that movie, though. I’ll re-watch that movie on Blu Ray this weekend, probably.



Cool Video: “The Dark Knight: Rises” full trailer is here!!!

Oh wow! I’m totally stoked to see, “The Dark Knight: Rises”. This could be the best superhero flick of the year, for sure. The trailer looks impressive.

It is sad that this is the final, “Dark Knight” film with Christopher Nolan directing, but I understand that he needs to move on. He can’t do Batman films forever, he needs to do other projects. I’m sure the three Batman films he did, helped make him a better director than before, and will help him make better films in the future.

Thanks, Mr. Nolan! In Nolan, I trust!


Cool Photo: Warner Bros. thanks Pittsburgh in a unique way…

Christopher Nolan and the film crew of Warner Bros. wrapped up their summer filming of “The Dark Knight: Rises” in Pittsburgh, P.A. That photo above is created by Warner Bros. for a Pittsburgh local newspaper.

The film crew will next head to Los Angeles and New York City to film the rest of the movie.

More on it, here.

Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is currently filming now as well. Warner Bros. hard at work with both “Superman” and “Batman”. I’m looking forward to both of these films.

“The Dark Knight: Rises” is looking great so far though. Can’t wait to see more behind the scenes pics when they hit Los Angeles and New York. Hopefully we’ll get a pic of Anne Hathaway in the full Catwoman costume soon.


Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle looks like Julie Newmar’s version of Catwoman…

So Warner Bros. showed us what Bane looks like for the “Dark Knight: Rises”, here is what Anne Hathaway looks like as Selina Kyle. Selina in the first pic is not quite in the Catwoman costume yet. She’s wearing the black leather suit, but no cat ears yet. Look like we’ll see Selina Kyle throughout most of “Dark Knight: Rises” and Catwoman won’t show until the end of the film. This isn’t the Catwoman suit yet, and I’m sure Warner Bros. will show us what Catwoman will look like soon. So far Anne Hathaway looks very much like Julie Newmar from the classic TV series. Look like Selina stole the bat-pod.

Warner Bros. is hard at work with both Batman and Superman, they are on a roll.


Cool Video: Anne Hathaway confirms Catwoman WILL be in the “Dark Knight: Rises” movie…

Ever since the new Batman villains was announced for the “Dark Knight: Rises”, they were just announced as Selina Kyle and Bane. The news didn’t quite say if Catwoman will actually be in the film or not. Well Anne Hathaway herself, confirms the Catwoman character will be in the “Dark Knight: Rises”. She didn’t say how long Catwoman will be in the film, maybe Catwoman will have just a small role or she might even be throughout the whole film, don’t know yet, but it’s good news to hear that Catwoman will be in the film after all. Can’t wait to see what the new Catwoman costume is going to look like.


Thought: About last night’s Oscars…

Yes, I did watch the Oscars last night, of course. Like expected, it wasn’t all that surprising and too predictable. I do like the winner choices, the awards went to the right places and right people this time around.

I’ve seen all ten “Best Picture” nominations, the only movie I didn’t like was, “The Kids Are Alright” but the rest of them are really good.

I’m honestly glad, “The King’s Speech” won BEST PICTURE, because it is a really good movie. It may seem boring to some people, it’s not just a dramatic movie, they made it a fun film with humor too. I wish there were better hosts this year, James Franco and Anne Hathaway were both kind of boring. The only celebrity worth seeing that did the best speech, was the amazing Kirk Douglas. Kirk Douglas, was funny, I was laughing my ass off when he was on stage, that guy has a sense of humor, indeed. Kirk Douglas, is a legend and it was amazing that he got a standing ovation.

Other stuff that was funny on the Oscars were Melissa Leo, saying the F-Bomb during her acceptance speech and Justin Timberlake saying that he’s Bansky. Banksy is the anonymous street artist in the movie, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Timberlake is not Bansky, he was just joking obviously.

I thought Natalie Portman gave the best acceptance speech and glad that she won for “Black Swan”. “Black Swan” was a really good movie also and I’ll admit that Natalie was good in that role.

I was hoping that Christopher Nolan was going to win for “Best Original Screenplay” for “Inception” though but he got robbed of that too.When will Chris Nolan ever get an Oscar award for Beset Director/Screenwriter? It’ll happen for Chris, just hang in there. I want Chris himself to become an Oscar winner, he’ll get his chance someday.

It was an alright, awards show, not so bad.

See the winners here, if you missed it.


BREAKING NEWS: Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle, Tom Hardy is Bane in “Dark Knight: Rises”!!!

Well, finally. Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan announced “The Dark Knight: Rises” villains today. Who are they? Anne Hathaway has been casted as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy is Bane.

Read the press release by Warner Bros., here.

Carefully read the press release. Notice how the press release said, Anne will be playing Selina Kyle, and Catwoman’s name wasn’t mentioned. Does this mean Selina Kyle won’t be in the Catwoman costume? It is widely known that Catwoman’s real identity is Selina Kyle.

As for Bane is a good choice of a villain and in my website here, I’ve been saying that they should use Bane. Bane is a big and muscular villain, a wrestler physique type of villain. Bane only becomes big and muscular with a drug called, “Venom” when injected. If you think Tom Hardy isn’t fit for the role, have you seen shirtless pics of Tom online? The guy is fucking MASSIVE! He’s perfect for Bane.

Shirtless pic of Tom here:

That’s probably why he was hired because of his massive physique. Plus Tom played the villain a lot in other movies in his career and he does play a psychotic villain, that’s probably another reason he was hired, his acting talent.

Look like Tom will have to bulk up some more for this role. Remember, Bane was the first Batman villain to destroy Batman, break the Bat. So this is a great way to end the trilogy. I’m excited for the next Batman flick. Now they have the villains for the next Batman movie, I’m sure we’ll know who the villains will be for Zack Snyder’s “Superman” very soon!