Thought: About last night’s Oscars…

Yes, I did watch the Oscars last night, of course. Like expected, it wasn’t all that surprising and too predictable. I do like the winner choices, the awards went to the right places and right people this time around.

I’ve seen all ten “Best Picture” nominations, the only movie I didn’t like was, “The Kids Are Alright” but the rest of them are really good.

I’m honestly glad, “The King’s Speech” won BEST PICTURE, because it is a really good movie. It may seem boring to some people, it’s not just a dramatic movie, they made it a fun film with humor too. I wish there were better hosts this year, James Franco and Anne Hathaway were both kind of boring. The only celebrity worth seeing that did the best speech, was the amazing Kirk Douglas. Kirk Douglas, was funny, I was laughing my ass off when he was on stage, that guy has a sense of humor, indeed. Kirk Douglas, is a legend and it was amazing that he got a standing ovation.

Other stuff that was funny on the Oscars were Melissa Leo, saying the F-Bomb during her acceptance speech and Justin Timberlake saying that he’s Bansky. Banksy is the anonymous street artist in the movie, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Timberlake is not Bansky, he was just joking obviously.

I thought Natalie Portman gave the best acceptance speech and glad that she won for “Black Swan”. “Black Swan” was a really good movie also and I’ll admit that Natalie was good in that role.

I was hoping that Christopher Nolan was going to win for “Best Original Screenplay” for “Inception” though but he got robbed of that too.When will Chris Nolan ever get an Oscar award for Beset Director/Screenwriter? It’ll happen for Chris, just hang in there. I want Chris himself to become an Oscar winner, he’ll get his chance someday.

It was an alright, awards show, not so bad.

See the winners here, if you missed it.


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