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Film Review: Love & Other Drugs

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway

Directed by: Edward Zwick

I wasn’t really all that excited about this movie. I saw it because I had a free ticket out of them Regal’s reward zone cards that I have. I also saw the movie ’cause it was just for something to see since there was nothing else playing. The movie was getting some good reviews so I decided to check it out myself. Here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Jake Gyllenhaal, plays a pharmaceutical salesmen named Jamie Randall, where he goes and sells various drugs to doctors offices and drug stores. Jamie is a fun and happy upbeat kind of guy, where he tries to make his sales entertaining. Jamie is a bit of a ladies man as he has one night stands whenever a woman is attracted to him. Along the way, Jamie meets Anne Hathway’s character, Maggie Murdock, where he first meets her at a doctor’s office. Of course, Jamie has a one night stand with Maggie later on, they become an official couple later on throughout the film. The film is about Maggie trying to battle the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. Jamie also have health problems of his own as he struggles to have good sex with women without his privates down there going wrong. Jamie never believed in falling in love with women, all he wanted was sex but when he met Maggie, all he wanted was her.

I was a little worried that I was going to be bored to death with this film, but it didn’t turn out that way. I thought it was great. Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting has matured. You know how in most of his films, his acting skills always seem to be like a kid? Well, he’s more of an adult in this one. His acting in this film is different than his acting in the past. So kudos to Jake for improving his acting.

I thought this was going to be nothing but a strict romance movie. It was a romance movie, of course, but it was more than that. It got really deep into things. It was serious about diseases and Viagra. It really showed what drugs can do to a human body. I thought the writing was fine. The movie was at good pacing and good length. Not that long and the pacing actually went by pretty quick.

There is a lot of nudity of course. I think Anne is a great looking woman, but I was impressed with her acting skills in this film. She was brilliant and I think she will an Oscar for this role. Since she’ll be hosting this year ‘s Oscars, she’s definitely going to win too. I like Anne Hathaway a lot more than Angelina Jolie and she’s a better actress than the overrated, Julia Roberts. Seriously, Anne was amazing in this movie. Not because she was naked throughout most of it. I believe her being naked in this movie was real. She said many times on the internet that it wasn’t fake, it was really her baring it all.

I think the film just wants to wake us up that Viagra isn’t a good drug that everyone thinks it is. Even if the film isn’t doing well in box office, I quite liked it. I would suggest everyone else to check it out too. It is worth watching.

Score for “Love & Other Drugs” = *** (3 Stars as in “good”)


Top 5 Video Games that should be live action films…

In celebration of “Prince of Persia” coming out tomorrow, I thought I would name 5 video games that I think would make great live action movies.

  1. Final Fantasy – There has been a few animated “Final Fantasy” films for the big screen, but there is none yet being live action. I’m pretty sure there will be one someday.
  2. Grand Theft Auto (with Niko Bellic as it’s leading character) – They should do a Grand Theft Auto movie based on “Grand Theft Auto IV” story. As long as they don’t make it too “Fast and Furious” like, it would make an excellent action movie.
  3. Dead Space – The sci fi horror video game that tells a story of Isaac Clarke trapped in a space station with all kinds of monsters and aliens. This would be a great film and I’m sure they will turn this into a movie at some point.
  4. Assasin’s Creed – I remember youtube did a short live action movie based on the video game and it was a hit in youtube. I think it now deserve’s big screen treatment and I still have never played any of the Assasin’s Creed games yet.
  5. Metal Gear Solid – The story of Solid Snake needs to happen to the big screen. I thought “Metal Gear Sold 4 – Guns of the Patriots” was a mind blowing video game. Amazing story and amazing gameplay. Please make this into a movie soon.

Honorably mention – “Duke Nukem” – For years there have been rumours of a live action Duke Nukem movie coming out and it has always been rumoured that the Rock Dwayne Johnson was going to play the character but he denied it everytime. I think a “Duke Nukem” movie deserves to happen more than any other video game adapted film. A “Duke Nukem” action movie would be badass if made right.

I didn’t list “God Of War” ’cause Hollywood is already planning one and they are already planning a “Bioshock” movie as well.


Report: First look at “Prince of Persia” live action film starring Jake Gyllenhaal…

So you’ve seen photos online of Jake Gyllenhaal, shirtless, long haired, not so clean shaven, also looking bulked up, fit and muscular. Gyllenhaal himself speaks on his new look for the film, like the film makers want Gyllenhaal to look exactly like the character from the video game. He says he had to do a lot of acrobatics, working out and training because the character he plays requires a lot of that.

Click here for a Behind the Scenes video of “Prince of Persia” live action movie, and interview with Gyllenhaal himself, taken from Entertainment Tonight:

More on it here:


Film is looking real good so far. Jake is looking good too since this is the first time we’ve seen him publicily since Heath Ledger’s death. Looking forward to this new film!


Photo of Jake Gyllenhaal…

Yep, that is Jake Gyllenhaal, the “Brokenback Mountain” and “Donnie Darko” star. A recent photo of him, a paparrazi shot I believe. He grew out his long hair and grew a beard. That is his look for the movie “Prince of Persia” that is currently filming now. He looks just like the character from the video game.

This I believe, is the first time we’ve seen Jake out in public since Heath Ledger’s death. Ever since his friend Heath died, Jake has been out in hiding since. The film was scheduled for a 2009 release but was pushed back for another year in 2010.


Report: Jake Gyllenhaal signed to Disney’s “Prince of Persia”…

Disney has signed actor Jake Gyllenhaal to the film “Prince of Persia” adapted from the popular videogame, Gyllenhaal is set to play the Prince named Dastan, the leading character of the videogame. Jerry Bruckheimer Films is in charge of this just like his company was in charge of the “Pirates of the Carribean” trilogy. Actress Gemma Arterton is signed to play alongside Gyllenhaal as the role of Tamina, you will also see her in the upcoming new James Bond film “Quantum of Solace” as one of the two Bond girls.

Dastan and Tamina will join forces to prevent an evil nobleman from possesing the Sands of Time. “Prince of Persia” videogames has been made for various game consoles in a series over the years, the series first started in 1989.

Variety Reports:


I never played the Prince of Persia videogames before, I’ll have to check them out.

Glad to see Gyllenhaal working again.