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Keira Knightly poses topless to fight back at photoshopping of women for magazines…

Do you think that women who pose in the nude for magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and many others are perfect looking as they appear? Think again!!! The sad reality is most models who pose in the nude for dirty magazines don’t have perfect bodies. The same goes for all those PG rated men’s magazines such as Maxim, FHM, etc. These women don’t have perfect looking breasts or boobs or titties or whatever you wanna call ’em.

A real woman may not have perfect skin and not have perfect titties but they can still be beautiful and HOT! I prefer the natural look than the perfect look, anyways.

What Keira is doing here is pretty inspirational. I saw Keira’s topless photo in this article. Even though she’s not perfect, she’s still beautiful and yes, I would hit it.



Report: It’s getting very close to see that Catwoman maybe the next Batman villain…

Chris Nolan has lined up six different actresses who are in the hopes of being female leads for, “The Dark Knight: Rises”. It is said that one female lead will be Bruce Wayne’s love interest, the other will be for the main villain. If you look at all these six actresses, they are young. So the villain for the next Batman film, will be female. Does this mean that the female villain will either be Poison Ivy or Catwoman? I would like Natalie Portman as Bruce Wayne’s love interest. I would also like Naomi Watts as Catwoman if the villain will be Catwoman. It’s looking very likely that the next villain will be Catwoman, I’m very sure of it.

See the article here at, Deadline.