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Cool Video: Hi, ho Silver, away!!! The Lone Ranger trailer finally arrives!

And the film looks like garbage too. What a disappointment! Typical Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. I was hoping the film would be more like the classic TV series, but of course, Hollywood have to make this an action movie with high tech cinematography. This looks like it might be a wait for rental kind of thing for me.

EDIT TO ADD: And having Johnny Depp playing Tonto is pretty offensive, they need an actual Indian to play that character.


Report: Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne, to follow mother’s footsteps in acting?

When Angelina Jolie got her start at acting, she had her acting debut at 7 years old for a small cameo, in the 1982 film, “Lookin’ To Get Out”. Keep in mind that the entire Jolie/Voight clan are actors, which is how Angie got into the business. Disney announced, that Angie’s 4 year old, Vivienne, will have a cameo in the upcoming, “Maleficient”, film.

More on the story, here.

Could Vivienne grow up to be a huge movie like her, Mom? Wouldn’t surprise me that Angie and Brad could turn their kids into aspiring actors. It would give them something to be proud of when Angie and Brad retire from film.


Cool Video: So which version of “Snow White” live action do you prefer to see now?

Not too long ago, we’ve just seen the trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman”, that stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. The film is directed by, Rupert Sanders.

Well here’s another new Snow White movie coming out, by a director named Tarsem Singh, his version is called, “Mirror, Mirror”, which stars Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, and Armie Hammer.

Which version do I think that looks better? Honestly, I think Tarsem Singh’s film, “Mirror, Mirror” looks better than, “The Huntsman”. “Mirror, Mirror” is getting a lot of negative reviews on this trailer. I think I’m figuring out why.

“The Huntsman”, is an action adventure popcorn flick with special effects, “Mirror, Mirror” is not. “Mirror, Mirror” is a different style. Tarsem Singh is an Indian, so of course, his version of the film will feel a little bit, Bollywood-ish. I think “Mirror, Mirror” is a stylish and unique looking film. It looks pretty similar to the original Disney story and faithful too. Plus, Julia Roberts looks enjoyable in this movie. Even though I don’t like Julia Roberts too much, I’ll admit, I had a smile on my face watching her in this trailer. Julia made me smile more than Charlize Theron did as the Evil Queen in “The Huntsman”. That’s why people are bashing, “Mirror, Mirror” because it’s a different film.

I will see both versions in theater, just to see the different take and vision. Plus, I enjoy the Snow White story. It’s my favorite out of all the Disney classics.

Watch both trailers and take your pick.


Report: Marvel wins copyrights to some of their characters over legal battle against Jack Kirby…

Marvel just won a huge lawsuit battle against the heirs of Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby co-created some of the Marvel characters with Stan Lee such as Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. The Jack Kirby estate sued Marvel when Disney bought the company in 2009, they wanted complete control of those characters I mentioned.

The reason Marvel won the battle is because the characters were a “work for hire” thing, which is not entitled for copyright law to revoke the rights.

Read the full story, here.

Congrats Marvel! If they were successful on scoring the copyrights from their characters, then Warner Bros. could have a chance in winning the full copyrights to “Superman” against the Siegel heirs. I’m pretty sure Warner Bros. will win their battle too. It would be sad if the Siegel’s won and they get full control of Superman, then Warner Bros. will no longer make more “Superman” movies after Zack Snyder is done with his. I wish Warner Bros. good luck.



BREAKING NEWS: Sam Raimi officially signs on to “Oz: The Great & Powerful”!!!! Robert Downey Jr. in talks to play the leading role…

Walt Disney studios wanted him, they GOT HIM! Well, look like Sam Raimi says yes, to the “Wizard of Oz” prequel after all ’cause he just signed his name on the contract, making it official.

Disney is in talks with Robert Downey Jr. to play, the Wizard of Oz, who was originally played by Frank Morgan. The film will be strictly about Oz. It will tell the story of how Oz landed in that area where Dorothy once visited, and how he became  a Wizard, and all that.

I’m sure Sam Raimi will talk to us more about his idea for the film. Will we see some of the original characters back? Definitely not Dorothy ’cause like I said it wouldn’t work. Maybe the return of the Wicked Witch of the West too? Will we see the return of the dancing and singing, Munchkins? Will the film be dark? Will it be family friendly for the kids? Lots of questions that need to be answered, Mr. Raimi! I’m sure will get answered soon.

Bruce Campbell, I’m sure will be involved with the film. Maybe he’ll have some kind of role in it, too? Hopefully. Sam and Bruce have been best friends for years. Bruce had a cameo role in almost every Sam Raimi flick.

Anyway, looking forward to this project ’cause this is sounding very interesting to me already!

Deadline reports:



Report: Sam Raimi in talks to direct “Wizard of Oz” prequel…

Now that Sam Raimi is done with Spiderman for good, what’s next for him now? He’s already signed on to “World of Warcraft” live action movie which will be adapted from the popular PC game. Now he is getting close to signing a deal to direct the “Wizard of Oz” prequel, “Oz, The Great and Powerful” by Disney. This one will tell a story of how the Wizard from the original film lands in Oz, the same area where Dorothy visited.

More on it here:


So you ask, is a “Wizard of Oz” prequel necessary? I would say, yes. There is more to that story to be told. If you think a prequel is ridiculous, you can create more stories with “Wizard of Oz” just as you can with “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. There are plenty of other books that has done other stories based on “Wizard of Oz”. I would say, “Wicked” for starters, perfect example, the Broadway musical. The Sci-Fi channel has done plenty of “Wizard of Oz” stuff.

I wonder if we’re going to see the characters of the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man in the Sam Raimi version of “Oz”? Yep, I bet we’re probably going to see those characters again. We won’t see the return of Dorothy of course, ’cause Sam wouldn’t like the idea of Judy Garland being replaced. It can’t happen…but we might get a reference or two of Dorothy in the film, who knows.

I think Sam doing his take on “Oz” is an interesting idea, I’m all for it. I hope Sam signs to it. Oh yeah, wouldn’t it be badass if Bruce Campbell played the Wizard? You know Bruce would be involved with the film somehow, either leading role or cameo.


Report: Disney greenlights sequel to “Enchanted”…

More good news that a sequel to Disney’s “Enchanted” have been greenlighted. I’m sure Amy Adams would come back, but the sequel will be directed by Anne Fletcher, a female director this time. The first movie was directed by Kevin Lima. I’m actually looking forward to the sequel. Yes, I love the “Enchanted” movie and still do. Great film.



Report: Tim Burton to do a movie about the Maleficent villain from Disney’s, “Sleeping Beauty”…

Word going around the internets, that Tim Burton has confirmed he’s doing another Disney remake by doing a spinoff from “Sleeping Beauty”. He will be doing a film about the famous, “Maleficent” character from the film.


If it’s true, then who will play Maleficent? I would think, no one other than Tim Burton’s wife, Helena Bonham Carter. Helena’s face is similar to Maleficent, so maybe he’s doing this movie to give his wife an opportunity to get the leading role?

And maybe Johnny Depp will do the voice overs for that bird. You know Depp will be involved with the film somehow.


Cool Video: New “Tron” trailer is online now…

Oh my! The new Tron movie is looking more badass the more I see stuff about it! I’m really itching to see this now! Holy Shit! This movie looks impressive. See how much the animation and graphics in the new “Tron sequel improved than the last Tron movie? Gotta love today’s CGI technology. 🙂

The new Tron looks so much fun to see. I see they changed the title to “Tron Legacy” instead of “TR2N” which is a much better title.

This movie will indeed be a huge box office record breaking hit. I’m sure.

Check it out here: