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Saw “The Lone Ranger” last night and here is a brief review…

So I finally saw Disney’s, “The Lone Ranger” last night w/ Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp. I never saw this film in theater ’cause I was skeptical of it. So I waited for DVD rental on it. I rented it through Netflix. I wanted to see the new, “Lone Ranger” flick ’cause I used to be a huge fan of the original TV show when I was a kid. Used to watch the show a lot.

After seeing the film last night… I was very surprised. The film was actually pretty good. Not as bad as the critics made it out to be. The film was watchable and very entertaining all the way through. Told a good story, and acting was good. It was a nice homage/tribute to the Lone Ranger legacy which is the whole point of the film. It was faithful to the Lone Ranger.

My only disappointment is Johnny Depp playing Tonto, the Indian. I don’t agree with Johnny playing an Indian. Tonto should have been played by an Indian actor, not an America. That’s the only part of the movie that didn’t make any sense to me but other than that, the movie was fine. I didn’t get bored watching this one.

The script was good and the action was a blast. This is an introduction to the John Reid and Lone Ranger story. I’m glad Disney made this movie ’cause in today’s generation, not a lot of people know who the Lone Ranger is. That character deserves to get known again. I know the Lone Ranger first made it’s debut on radio back in the 1930’s, though.

This was surprisingly a good film. You should definitely check this one out for sure.


Cool Video: Hi, ho Silver, away!!! The Lone Ranger trailer finally arrives!

And the film looks like garbage too. What a disappointment! Typical Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. I was hoping the film would be more like the classic TV series, but of course, Hollywood have to make this an action movie with high tech cinematography. This looks like it might be a wait for rental kind of thing for me.

EDIT TO ADD: And having Johnny Depp playing Tonto is pretty offensive, they need an actual Indian to play that character.


Cool Video: So which version of “Snow White” live action do you prefer to see now?

Not too long ago, we’ve just seen the trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman”, that stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. The film is directed by, Rupert Sanders.

Well here’s another new Snow White movie coming out, by a director named Tarsem Singh, his version is called, “Mirror, Mirror”, which stars Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, and Armie Hammer.

Which version do I think that looks better? Honestly, I think Tarsem Singh’s film, “Mirror, Mirror” looks better than, “The Huntsman”. “Mirror, Mirror” is getting a lot of negative reviews on this trailer. I think I’m figuring out why.

“The Huntsman”, is an action adventure popcorn flick with special effects, “Mirror, Mirror” is not. “Mirror, Mirror” is a different style. Tarsem Singh is an Indian, so of course, his version of the film will feel a little bit, Bollywood-ish. I think “Mirror, Mirror” is a stylish and unique looking film. It looks pretty similar to the original Disney story and faithful too. Plus, Julia Roberts looks enjoyable in this movie. Even though I don’t like Julia Roberts too much, I’ll admit, I had a smile on my face watching her in this trailer. Julia made me smile more than Charlize Theron did as the Evil Queen in “The Huntsman”. That’s why people are bashing, “Mirror, Mirror” because it’s a different film.

I will see both versions in theater, just to see the different take and vision. Plus, I enjoy the Snow White story. It’s my favorite out of all the Disney classics.

Watch both trailers and take your pick.