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Cool Video: So which version of “Snow White” live action do you prefer to see now?

Not too long ago, we’ve just seen the trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman”, that stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. The film is directed by, Rupert Sanders.

Well here’s another new Snow White movie coming out, by a director named Tarsem Singh, his version is called, “Mirror, Mirror”, which stars Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, and Armie Hammer.

Which version do I think that looks better? Honestly, I think Tarsem Singh’s film, “Mirror, Mirror” looks better than, “The Huntsman”. “Mirror, Mirror” is getting a lot of negative reviews on this trailer. I think I’m figuring out why.

“The Huntsman”, is an action adventure popcorn flick with special effects, “Mirror, Mirror” is not. “Mirror, Mirror” is a different style. Tarsem Singh is an Indian, so of course, his version of the film will feel a little bit, Bollywood-ish. I think “Mirror, Mirror” is a stylish and unique looking film. It looks pretty similar to the original Disney story and faithful too. Plus, Julia Roberts looks enjoyable in this movie. Even though I don’t like Julia Roberts too much, I’ll admit, I had a smile on my face watching her in this trailer. Julia made me smile more than Charlize Theron did as the Evil Queen in “The Huntsman”. That’s why people are bashing, “Mirror, Mirror” because it’s a different film.

I will see both versions in theater, just to see the different take and vision. Plus, I enjoy the Snow White story. It’s my favorite out of all the Disney classics.

Watch both trailers and take your pick.


Report: Julia Roberts will play the Evil Queen in “The Brother’s Grimm: Snow White” movie…

Ever since the “Brother’s Grimm: Snow White” live action movie was announced, I was very interested in the film. It sounded pretty cool, but I’m no longer interested. Why? Because Julia Roberts is confirmed to play the Evil Queen in the film. I can’t stand Julia Roberts. She’s overrated and can’t act. She’s also not a sexy redhead. I don’t see how people thinks she’s that beautiful.

This story takes the Disney animated version to a live action modern version. It has the similar plot to the original.

See the story here at, Deadline.

I’m a huge fan of the original Disney “Swow White”, own the DVD in my collection.


Report: Tom Hanks to get on the director’s chair again for “Larry Crowne”, Julia Roberts to star…

Tom Hanks is finally getting on the director’s chair again, ever since the movie, “That Thing You Do”. Hanks will star the lead and direct, “Larry Crowne” which he also wrote the script for the film. He already signed Julia Roberts to star along with him. This isn’t the first time the two starred in a film together, as they starred together in, “Charlie Wilson’s War”.

Look like Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are finally taking a break from Dan Brown movies to move on to different things.

More on it here:


I’m glad Hanks is directing again. ’cause “That Thing You Do” is one of my favorite films of his. He should direct more ’cause he is talented.