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The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #7: The Ring

Alright, time to do a newer film this time. This is one of the good horror film remakes, directed by the great Gore Vebinski, “The Ring”, also starring Naomi Watts, and Martin Henderson,  which is a ghost story. It’s about a journalist who discovers a video tape and you get killed a week later after viewing. The movie is very scary and creepy. The way horror movies should be written! This is another one of those movies I watch on Halloween every year. It is a really great film. I didn’t care for the sequel though.


Cool Video: Hi, ho Silver, away!!! The Lone Ranger trailer finally arrives!

And the film looks like garbage too. What a disappointment! Typical Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. I was hoping the film would be more like the classic TV series, but of course, Hollywood have to make this an action movie with high tech cinematography. This looks like it might be a wait for rental kind of thing for me.

EDIT TO ADD: And having Johnny Depp playing Tonto is pretty offensive, they need an actual Indian to play that character.


Report: Gore Verbinski says “Bioshock” movie is still in the works!!!

So we haven’t heard much news of Gore Verbinski’s “Bioshock” project lately? Well we finally here something! Gore says, the planned “Bioshock” live action movie is still happening. Guess what folks? Gore vows to make this movie a “hard R” rating. He doesn’t want this movie to be Pg-13. He wants the film R rated so the film can be edgy just like the game. He also says, he will make the film stay true to the game for the die hard gamers that love to play it.

Read more on what Gore have to say here:

That’s very cool, the film is going to be R rated. There’s no nudity in the game, but there’s plenty of violence and blood. Plus the enemies you have to kill which are called Splicers are disgusting looking that won’t be for kids.

I’m a HUUUUUuuuugeeee fan of the Bioshock franchise. I think it’s the best first person shooter game ever made.

Speaking of “Bioshock”, I’m still playing “Bioshock 2” currently. I love these games ’cause they’re very hard and pretty challenging to play. I wonder if Gore plans on making the live action movie in 3-D as well? The City of Rapture is taken place underwater like Gore said, so there’ll be plenty of green screen and CGi when they make the film. One thing I worry, I hope they don’t make the Splicers enemies CGI, they should be human actors wearing makeup. Hopefully the Big Daddies won’t be CGI either.


Report: “Bioshock” director found….

Gore Verbinski is out! “28 Weeks Later” director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in! New director found for the upcoming new, “Bioshock” movie based on the hit video game.

Variety Reports:


“Bioshock” is one of my absolute favorite video games ever made. The game is hands down amazing.

I hope this guy makes the live action movie a great one and hope he doesn’t fuck it up. He better make the movie more like the video game.

To those who never saw or heard of the video game before, a couple of gameplay clips below.


Report: Gore Verbinski pulls out of “Pirates 4” to bring “Bioshock” video game to the big screen!!!

The longtime director for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, Gore Verbinski has pulled out of directing “Pirates 4” that he was attached to. He revealed the news to Disney, that he will not do the fourth one. The fourth one is still in development but not yet greenlit by Walt Disney pictures.

Why is Gore Verbinski pulling out of “Pirates 4” after making 3 successful films for the series? Verbinski plans to stay focused on bringing the hit video game, “Bioshock” to the big screen in a live action motion picture.

Variety Reports:


I’m still in the middle of playing the game “Bioshock” for the PS3. The game is getting even more challenging now. Most movies adapted from video games are crap, but I think “Bioshock” would make a great movie if they did it right. “Bioshock” tells a great story that is definitely movie material.