Report: Sam Raimi in talks to direct “Wizard of Oz” prequel…

Now that Sam Raimi is done with Spiderman for good, what’s next for him now? He’s already signed on to “World of Warcraft” live action movie which will be adapted from the popular PC game. Now he is getting close to signing a deal to direct the “Wizard of Oz” prequel, “Oz, The Great and Powerful” by Disney. This one will tell a story of how the Wizard from the original film lands in Oz, the same area where Dorothy visited.

More on it here:

So you ask, is a “Wizard of Oz” prequel necessary? I would say, yes. There is more to that story to be told. If you think a prequel is ridiculous, you can create more stories with “Wizard of Oz” just as you can with “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. There are plenty of other books that has done other stories based on “Wizard of Oz”. I would say, “Wicked” for starters, perfect example, the Broadway musical. The Sci-Fi channel has done plenty of “Wizard of Oz” stuff.

I wonder if we’re going to see the characters of the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man in the Sam Raimi version of “Oz”? Yep, I bet we’re probably going to see those characters again. We won’t see the return of Dorothy of course, ’cause Sam wouldn’t like the idea of Judy Garland being replaced. It can’t happen…but we might get a reference or two of Dorothy in the film, who knows.

I think Sam doing his take on “Oz” is an interesting idea, I’m all for it. I hope Sam signs to it. Oh yeah, wouldn’t it be badass if Bruce Campbell played the Wizard? You know Bruce would be involved with the film somehow, either leading role or cameo.


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