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BREAKING NEWS: Sam Raimi officially signs on to “Oz: The Great & Powerful”!!!! Robert Downey Jr. in talks to play the leading role…

Walt Disney studios wanted him, they GOT HIM! Well, look like Sam Raimi says yes, to the “Wizard of Oz” prequel after all ’cause he just signed his name on the contract, making it official.

Disney is in talks with Robert Downey Jr. to play, the Wizard of Oz, who was originally played by Frank Morgan. The film will be strictly about Oz. It will tell the story of how Oz landed in that area where Dorothy once visited, and how he became  a Wizard, and all that.

I’m sure Sam Raimi will talk to us more about his idea for the film. Will we see some of the original characters back? Definitely not Dorothy ’cause like I said it wouldn’t work. Maybe the return of the Wicked Witch of the West too? Will we see the return of the dancing and singing, Munchkins? Will the film be dark? Will it be family friendly for the kids? Lots of questions that need to be answered, Mr. Raimi! I’m sure will get answered soon.

Bruce Campbell, I’m sure will be involved with the film. Maybe he’ll have some kind of role in it, too? Hopefully. Sam and Bruce have been best friends for years. Bruce had a cameo role in almost every Sam Raimi flick.

Anyway, looking forward to this project ’cause this is sounding very interesting to me already!

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