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Report: Alan Moore, angry over “Watchmen” prequel announcement by DC, lawsuit coming???

DC Comics recently announced the huge news that they plan on making a 7 part prequel series to Alan Moore’s hit graphic novel, “Watchmen”. Alan Moore, the creator of “Watchmen” himself is not happy with this and he wants this project to get stopped.

Read what Alan Moore have to say, here.

I’ve read, the “Watchmen” graphic novel, and it’s way better than the movie by Zack Snyder. I also agree that the prequels shouldn’t happen. They shouldn’t happen without Alan Moore being a part of it, at least.


Cool Photo: First look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El on the set of “Man of Steel”…

We now know what Henry Cavill looks like as Superman in costume. Well, here’s your first look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Superman’s Krypton father, on the set of Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. Pretty cool. I like it. Definitely different than the Marlon Brando version.

Lets hope we see a pic of Michael Shannon as General Zod soon. That’s what I’m most looking forward to see.


Report: Superman goes political and hates America, “I’m renouncing my U.S. citizenship”…

“Superman” is in the news again but this time in comic book form. Instead of celebrating the #900 issue of “Superman – Action Comics”, DC has decided to pull off some controversy with Superman by having him renounce his US citizenship. He hates America now, he’s done. Superman will renounce his citizenship at the United Nations but he will continue to fight crime globally but not in the United States.

Read more on the story, here.

Interesting! I love this idea! Most Superman stories were strictly taken place in Metropolis and other areas in the United States. Look like the rest of the “Superman – Action” comics will focus on Superman saving people around the world. Superman will save people in the U.K., Russia, Africa, China, Japan, Mexico, etc.??? He’s going to completely ignore the United States no matter how much danger our country is in?

I’m going to have to buy this issue. There is a comic book store at my local mall. I’ll have to see if they have it. If not, I’ll order it online.


BREAKING NEWS: Friday Night Lights, Adrianne Palicki is “Wonder Woman” for NBC!!!

NBC have finally found their Wonder Woman! The “Friday Night Lights” star, Adrianne Palicki, is set to play Wonder Woman. Yes, Adrianne will be wearing the Wonder Woman costume and will take her famous lasso.

See the report here at, Deadline.

Perfect choice!!!!! Adrianne is a smoking hot babe. Seriously, she’s absolutely gorgeous if you’ve seen the show FNL on NBC. Wonder Woman needs to be a hot and sexy woman, so Adrianne fits that. If you don’t think so, watch the show “Friday Night Lights”. Adrianne played Tyra on FNL. I’m sure Adrianne will pull off the Wonder Woman character nicely. Now I’m pretty excited for the new Wonder Woman show, bring it on!


Thought: My thoughts on “Wonder Woman” returning to the small screen…

So NBC have finally picked up David E. Kelly’s “Wonder Woman” to return to the small screen. It’s official signed and done. I’m sure some of you want to know my thoughts on this so here it is. If they want this to be successful, to last several seasons, then there needs to be good writing of course. Plus, most importantly, they must have an actress to play Wonder Woman/Diana Prince who is hot and sexy looking. The actress must have large boobs and the character must show cleavage.

If they cover “Wonder Woman” up and not let her show skin, then the show will fail. Bad writing, the show will fail. It’ll last for one season like the “Bionic Woman” reboot did.

I hope the show will be successful. I think NBC is doing this to see how popular “Wonder Woman” is today. If the new TV series is a hit, then I’m sure WB’s will get right to work on the “Wonder Woman” film for the big screen.

Hopefully the new “Wonder Woman” TV show will be good. Of course, I will watch the first episode when ever it makes it’s premiere. My question is how will the show be? Will it have action and violence? Or will it be a strictly drama, like “Smallville”?

We’ll have to wait and see how this show plays out.


Thought: Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane? Please not her!

Rumors hit the internet, that Anne Hathaway could be the top contender to play Lois Lane in Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder “Superman” for Warner Bros. My thoughts? I think that’s a bad choice. I like Anne Hathaway. She’s a good actress, but she won’t be good for Lois Lane.

I think the new Lois Lane should be similar to Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane from the earlier “Superman” movies. Margot Kidder obviously played the best Lois Lane, no other actress could top her. Lois Lane is a lady that is always aggressive and she’s one tough lady. She’ll do anything to get an article or photos for the Daily Planet newspaper no matter how dangerous things are. Anne Hathaway doesn’t fit. She’s not aggressive and mean enough. Lois Lane is supposed to be like that. Plus, Lois Lane isn’t supposed to be all that sexy and beautiful.

I’d go for actresses such as Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johannson or Hillary Swank. Lois needs to be played by an actress with talent.

I think it would be cool if Margot Kidder herself, made a cameo appearance in the new “Superman” movie Zack Snyder is doing. Maybe not her as Lois Lane, but a small role for Margot. Yes, Margot is still alive and well.

I also hope that new rumored Superman plot, where Clark goes to West Africa is a complete lie. If the West Africa plot is true, then the plot will suck. It should be taken place in Metropolis. No Smallville stuff ’cause we’ve seen enough of that already. I’m sure Zack and Chris won’t disappoint us with the plot. It’s interesting to me how they are keeping quiet on everything. I’m patiently waiting to hear more about Superman. Who’s going to play Superman and other cast members. I need to know the plot, who the villains will be. We’ll know all that stuff soon. Hope they don’t make us wait long.


Report: The long awaited “Superman: Earth One” graphic novel hits bookshelves this week!!!

The long awaited and most talked about graphic novel for DC Comics, “Superman: Earth One” finally hits bookshelves later this week, I believe the release date is Oct. 27th. The story is the beginning of Superman, how it all started. The reason this graphic novel is the most talked about is because, this story hasn’t been told before. It goes back to the beginning of how Clark Kent transformed into Superman. Talks about how he got the suit and things like that.

See the link at amazing for more images from the graphic novel, here.

See the wikipedia here for more.

Looks to be an interesting read! If I can find a bookstore in Orlando, I’ll pick it up down there if I can.


Thought: I wouldn’t really call Superman a crimefighter, MTV!!!

I just wanted to respond to this article, here.

MTV News said:

“Instead, the DC Comics icon will return to his early days as a crimefighter in a wholly original story.”

Can MTV get anything right? I’ve been a Superman fanatic for many years, ever since I was a child. So I know for a fact, that Superman was never really a crimefighter. The crimefighter is none other than, Batman. Not Superman.

Superman has always been known to save people’s lives. If a plane is about to crash, or if a school bus is about to fall off a bridge, Superman would come to the rescue. If someone falls off a building or if an Earthquake is about to happen, Superman would come to the rescue. Sure, Superman fights some crime, like he would catch burglars and terrorists, but he never went as far as capturing murderers, kidnappers or bank robbers, that’s all Batman.

Why would MTV call Superman, a crimefighter? So stupid, if you ask me. Any Superman fan would know he’s not a crimefighter.



Report: General Zod is not the villain for next Superman flick, Zack Snyder says…

Zack Snyder, the new director of “Superman” did this little interview at this blog site, and he says that General Zod, being villain for the next movie, is just a rumour.

Kind of a good thing actually. I would honestly not see General Zod or Luthor be used again. What Superman villains haven’t been used yet for live action film?

Look at this list, and see for yourself.

I would like either: Brainiac, Doomsday or Darkseid.

Toyman would be cool too.


Report: “The Flash” and “The Green Lantern 2” scripts will be handed to Warner Bros. by Christmas of this year…

I know everyone is getting sick and tired of superhero movies, but can you blame them? They’ve been huge money makers these days with Raimi’s “Spiderman” movies and Chris Nolan’s “Batman” flicks making a lot of bucks, I can’t blame Hollywood for going crazy with them. I believe that Hollywood’s goal is that they want all DC and Marvel superheroes to get their chance at the big screen. Not all of them had their turn at the big screen yet, and Hollywood is giving them one at a time. The Flash and the Green Lantern never had their big screen debuts yet, so I think they deserve it.

We’ll get a “Flash” and “Green Lantern 2” film soon ’cause the scripts will be handed to Warner Bros. later this year.

See the article here at, Deadline.

I was never much of a Green Lantern fan, but I absolutely LOVE the Flash. So I’ll be more interested in seeing a live action, Flash movie. Could John Wesley Shipp reprise his role as the Flash for the live action movie? Sure, why not. He’s not that old, he’s 54 now and that’s kind of young.