Thought: My thoughts on “Wonder Woman” returning to the small screen…

So NBC have finally picked up David E. Kelly’s “Wonder Woman” to return to the small screen. It’s official signed and done. I’m sure some of you want to know my thoughts on this so here it is. If they want this to be successful, to last several seasons, then there needs to be good writing of course. Plus, most importantly, they must have an actress to play Wonder Woman/Diana Prince who is hot and sexy looking. The actress must have large boobs and the character must show cleavage.

If they cover “Wonder Woman” up and not let her show skin, then the show will fail. Bad writing, the show will fail. It’ll last for one season like the “Bionic Woman” reboot did.

I hope the show will be successful. I think NBC is doing this to see how popular “Wonder Woman” is today. If the new TV series is a hit, then I’m sure WB’s will get right to work on the “Wonder Woman” film for the big screen.

Hopefully the new “Wonder Woman” TV show will be good. Of course, I will watch the first episode when ever it makes it’s premiere. My question is how will the show be? Will it have action and violence? Or will it be a strictly drama, like “Smallville”?

We’ll have to wait and see how this show plays out.


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