Thought: I wouldn’t really call Superman a crimefighter, MTV!!!

I just wanted to respond to this article, here.

MTV News said:

“Instead, the DC Comics icon will return to his early days as a crimefighter in a wholly original story.”

Can MTV get anything right? I’ve been a Superman fanatic for many years, ever since I was a child. So I know for a fact, that Superman was never really a crimefighter. The crimefighter is none other than, Batman. Not Superman.

Superman has always been known to save people’s lives. If a plane is about to crash, or if a school bus is about to fall off a bridge, Superman would come to the rescue. If someone falls off a building or if an Earthquake is about to happen, Superman would come to the rescue. Sure, Superman fights some crime, like he would catch burglars and terrorists, but he never went as far as capturing murderers, kidnappers or bank robbers, that’s all Batman.

Why would MTV call Superman, a crimefighter? So stupid, if you ask me. Any Superman fan would know he’s not a crimefighter.



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