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“Batman: Arkham Knight” to be rated M for “Mature”…

Rocksteady just announced the rating for the upcoming Batman game titled, “Batman: Arkham Knight” which is gonna be the final installment for the Arkham series. The game will be rated M for Mature which is the first time they rated it “M” for a Batman game.

According to Rocksteady, they never made it or wrote it with the rating in mind. They just did whatever was right for the story.


Interesting. Wonder why they rated it, “M”??? More blood and gore? More swearing? Will there be nudity with the female characters? A little bit of all three?

I’m a huge fan of all the Batman: Arkham series. I played the previous three and looking forward to this one. Even though, “Batman: Arkham Origins” wasn’t made by Rocksteady, it’s still pretty similar and still a great game.

I am planning to buy “Arkham Knight” which comes out in June but I’m gonna have to buy the PC Version. I don’t have a PS4 yet. My new computer is good for playing PC games now ’cause I got a good enough video card for it and the RAM is good enough for it.

The Batman games are a blast to play. I love ’em so much.


Warner Bros. finally reveals “Batman: Arkham Knight” trailer…

I played the first two Batman games: “Arkham Asylum” and “Arkham City”… both were great. I’m looking forward to this one too. This is the third Batman game by rocksteady, “Arkham Knight” which continues the trilogy. There is another Batman game called, “Batman: Arkham Origins” (which I have and haven’t started playing it yet) but that game isn’t by rocksteady studios.

I’m a big Batman fan and love these video games so I’ll be looking forward to this one.


Game Review: “Batman: Arkham City”

Well, I finally finished, “Batman: Arkham City” after 2 or 3 months playing it. It was a pretty long game. This is the sequel to Rocksteady’s, “Arkham Asylum”. The sequel here, continues the story from where it left off.

The story is set in “Arkham City” which is a very large prison, similar to “Arkham Asylum” but much larger. Bruce Wayne is arrested by Hugo Strange’s Tyger mercenaries, and forced to be put in imprisonment in, “Arkham City”. Batman learns from Joker’s doctor, that the Joker is sick with a disease that came from the Titan formula that is mutating in Joker’s blood. Batman is sick with the same disease. They must get the cure to get rid of this disease or they will both die.

That’s enough with the plot, on with the game review. As expected, “Arkham City” was much better than the first. It’s a much longer game and more challenging. There are a lot of more Riddler trophies you have to find in this one, however, you must figure out all these difficult puzzles in order to get to trophy. Batman must collect all 400 trophies throughout the game in order to confront, the Riddler.

In this game, you will see some familiar characters: Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Ra Al Ghul, the MadHatter, Calendar Man, Bane, Solomon Grundy, Penguin, Harley Quinn, etc. Quite a lot of Batman villains appear in the game. Calendar Man only appeared in a small cameo though. The Joker, of course, was voiced by none other than the great, Mark Hammill, who did a great job as usual.

When I say this is a difficult and challenging game, I’m not kiddin! The game was a bitch throughout most of it. When you get into combats with the thugs, you get to fight like 10 – 20 guys all at once. The bosses can be pretty hard too. The fighting techniques in the game is more technical then the last game, “Arkham Asylum”. You can do a lot more moves. You have to learn flying techniques as well.

I was very impressed with the game. It’s definitely one of the best games of 2011, that’s for sure. I thought the graphics was insane and the musical score was amazing as well. I did play the Catwoman character, and she is a blast. I hope we get to play her more in the third game.

In the third Batman game, when Rocksteady starts doing one, I hope the next game will actually take place in, “Gotham City”. Plus, I want to control Batman driving the Batmobile or the Batwing, in the next one. Make the next game more like the Grand Theft Auto series, ya know?

As for my, “Best Video Games of 2011” list, it’s still coming. I think I’m only going to give a top 5 instead of a top 10. Because I haven’t played much games in 2011, only like 8 games. I plan to start playing, “Battlefield 3” tonight, and soon after that, “Skyrim”. So after I finish those two games, I’ll have the list up on the blog.

“Batman: Arkham City” was incredible, do yourself a favor and get it soon!



Report: “Batman: Arkham City” screenshots of the game hits the web!!!

Oh my! My jaw is hanging open as I see these amazing images from the new “Batman: Arkham City” game. There is one image above. See the rest here. Harley Quinn and Catwoman show cleavage! Two-Face? Fuck yeah! I have also read on the internet that this game will also have online multiplayer, which is even better!

Oh man, I can’t wait for this game!

I love “Arkham Asylum” the first one ’cause it is actually very challenging to play. Before getting to the main bosses, you have to fight many enemies (or henchmen) which can be a bitch to get by. Plus, there are missions in the game, where Batman has to go to a certain area and there are enemies all over the place. You have to hide and wait, if you get spotted by an enemy, you will get killed immediately. You have to plan your attack on the enemy at the right time. You must kill all enemies before leaving the area ’cause the game won’t let you leave until all enemies are dead which makes it harder. Sometimes the main bosses are very difficult too.

I’m sold to the game, “Arkham City”. Looks so amazing. I wish we don’t have to wait that long for it to come out. 😦


Report: Game Informer magazine leaks exclusive details from “Batman: Arkham City”…

The popular video game magazine, “Game Informer” released new information that will be included in the next “Batman: Arkham City”, the sequel from 2009’s, “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. “Arkham City” is set for a Sept. 2011 release.

Here are the details:

  • Two Face/Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange will be the two main villains for the game.
  • Batman will get to use the smoke bomb which hasn’t been used in “Arkham Asylum”
  • Batman will be able to counter two attacks simultaneously

More on it here:


Can’t wait for the game! I’m definitely interested in this one ’cause I thought “Arkham Asylum” was amazing. Excellent gameplay, story, and graphics. I’m probably going to end up playing “Arkham Asylum” again soon.