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Purchased some games from the Playstation store yesterday… here they are…

Yesterday afternoon I purchased some games from the PSN store with a few PSN cards to redeem.

I purchased 4 games yesterday:

  • The Last of Us II
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Sonic Mania
  • Tetris Effect

I’ve been wanting to buy “Last of the US II” ever since it came out but never got around to it by now. This game was on sale at a decent price so I couldn’t say no to that. Also got another Star Wars game “Squadrons” ’cause I’m such a huge Star Wars nerd and I love Star Wars video games so I grabbed that one since that one was on sale too. I also picked up “Sonic Mania” ’cause I like Sonic the Hedgehog and “Tetris Effect”. Used to be a huge Tetris fan and used to play the original Tetris game on the original Nintendo so I grabbed that new version of “Tetris Effect” to see what it’s like.

I also picked up a “Mortal Kombat” expansion pack with the Rambo downloadable character ’cause now I have the newest Mortal Kombat game, I’ll be able to play as the Terminator and Rambo which would be fun as hell.

I won’t get to these games yet, though ’cause I have a bunch of other games I need to get to like “Red Dead Redemption II”, “Spiderman”, “Days Gone”, “Star Wars: Fallen Order”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” (w/ War Zone included”, “The Evil Within II”, “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection”, “The Borderlands Collection”, “Call of Duty WWII”, etc.

I have so many games in my PS4 library, it’s crazy. What I do is just buy a bunch of games once in a blue moon and just save them for later.

Right now I’m playing the newest “God of War” game and trying to finish up that. I play one game at a time and once I finish it, I move on to another.

Video gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve always have been a video gamer ever since I was a child and my gaming addiction all started when the first Atari came out. My love for gaming never stopped. I still play even to this day. It’s a great escape from everything.


Actually the PS5 console design is kind of growing on me a little bit, I probably will end up getting it but next year…

When the PS5 console design came out, I didn’t like it at first but it’s kind of growing on me a bit. I’m kind of liking it more and more but I’ll probably like it even more when I see the console with my own eyes, though. We’ll see. I probably will end up getting the PS5. Not this year but probably next year in 2021. I was afraid the PS5 will be overpriced but actually the price range of PS5 is not that bad… it’s gonna cost $400 – $500. About the same price of the PS4 when that came out. I probably will end up getting the PS5 next year, just save up some money and I’ll get one.

I probably should sell my PS4 if I’m going to upgrade to PS5, though ’cause I read that all PS4 games will be backwards compatible to PS5. Backwards compatibility on PS5 only goes back to PS4, though. It will not go back to PS1, PS2 and PS3 sadly. If you want to play older PS games on the PS5, your best bet will be you subscribing to PS NOW gaming service or you could buy older Playstation games from the Playstation Store if you want to play from PS1, PS2 and PS3.

Looks like we’ll very soon say goodbye to PS4 game releases. They’re just going to release the upcoming leftover PS4 games announced still and soon they’ll stop releasing PS4 games and will only release PS5 games in the future. It’s sad but it is what it is… that’s technology. They’ve done this with the previous consoles each time they release a new one.

I’m seeing PS5 exclusive games being announced already. Here are some of them:

So this means whenever Playstation/Sony announce Elder Scrolls VI, Grand Theft Auto VI, a Tomb Raider sequel, Metal Gear Solid, another installment to Red Dead series and another God of War installment… all those will probably get released for PS5.

Will graphics for the PS5 be much improved than PS4? Yes. Graphics of games get better and better with each console that comes out so of course.

Once again, I probably will get the PS5 but not right away, though.

I’m trying to get back into gaming this year ’cause there are so many games I have that I haven’t touched yet. Currently playing the latest “God Of War”. I’m a huge God of War fan. Played them all… love the Kratos character.


Playstation 5 console design is finally out…

For a long time now, there were talks of a Playstation 5 coming out soon when the PS4 just came out not too long ago. PS5 is already on its way. Well Sony did a live stream to unveil the new PS5 console design which we have never seen before. I must say that Sony did a pretty good job of keeping the new design from getting leaked on the internet beforehand?

Sony/Playstation already unveiled the new look of the controllers but they haven’t yet showed off the console itself. Well here it is.

Well… the Playstation over the years have always been black. They finally had it with the black design and they wanted to mix it with white and black? It’s a mostly a white design now with some black color still kept.

To be honest, I’m not too thrilled with the new console design and I’m not too thrilled with the new controllers either. With each game console gets released, they always try to make the new one “futuristic” looking.

This design looks like it came from a sci-fi movie or something like “2001: A Space Oddysey” or maybe Star Trek.

Will I buy the PS5? Yes, someday I probably will but I’m gonna wait until the price drops some. That’s what I did with the PS4. With every new game console that comes out, they always sell very expensive at first but when sales go down, that’s when the price goes down.

I’m a big video gamer myself. Have been all my life… of course, my first game console was the Atari. I’ve always been big into gaming whether a video game console and I used to be a hardcore PC gamer too. Now I’m a full time Playstation guy. I prefer Playstation anyways.

Yeah, I’m in my 40’s now and I still play video games. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. A great way to relax when you’re not in the gym and not playing music. Video games are also a great way to escape from everything.


Think I have plenty of games that’ll keep me busy for my PS4 console…

Since I bought my new PS4 just not too long ago, I just kept buying new games for it. I have several games for the PS4 to keep me busy a while so I think that’s enough games for now.

So far for my new PS4 console here are the games that I have:

  • Uncharted 4 “A Thief’s End”
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Overwatch
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Until Dawn (a survival horror game)
  • 7 Days To Die (downloaded and paid for from PS Store)
  • Hustle Kings (pool table game downloaded, FREE from PS Store)
  • The Four Kings Casino and Slots (casino & card playing game, downloaded, FREE from PS Store)
  • Neverwinter (a fantasy RPG game, downloaded, FREE from PS Store)

That’s pretty much it really. I’m playing “Uncharted 4” right now and I’m on “Chapter 8” in that game so far. I never played an Uncharted game before and so far, it’s pretty cool. Love it. Speaking of Uncharted games, I just noticed I have “Uncharted 3” in my game collection . “Uncharted 3” for the PS3.

I also have a few other PS3 games that I haven’t played yet. Still trying to finish “The Evil Within” and still gotta play “Bioshock: Infinite”, the first “Dark Souls” game and “Metal Gear Solid V”. I still gotta get around to playing those.

So yeah, I think I definitely have plenty of games to keep me busy for a long while. So i think I’ll stop buying new  games for a while, definitely.

I’m loving the PS4 so far but my only complaint is that downloads from the PS store take way too long so I guess the best way to make the downloads faster is put the console in sleep mode which works perfect.

Netflix works really good on it but the WWE Network still sucks. I’m thinking of cancelling WWE Network and getting rid of it ’cause it still freezes and buffers a lot.

PS4 is a great console, though.


Planning on getting a Playstation 4 finally…

So I’ve finally started saving up for a Playstation 4 and I should be able to get it next weekend. I know I’m late getting the PS4 but late is better than never right? The reason I’m getting the PS4 pretty soon is ’cause the reason is simple. Sony doesn’t release games for the PS3 much anymore. It’s getting harder to buy PS3 games ’cause of the PS4. All the new games coming out is PS4 exclusive. I’m planning to buy the PS4 that comes with “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” and I’m also planning on getting the new “Batman: Arkham Knight” game. That’s pretty much the reason why I’m getting the PS4 is to play the new “Batman: Arkham Knight” game. I’m a huge fan of the “Batman: Arkham” games for the Playstation ’cause I’ve played them all. Haven’t played “Arkham Knight” yet and I really want to.

Of course, I’ll still get other games for the PS4 as well… there are other games I’m interested in. I’m thinking about that “Overwatch” game, not sure.

I also want to get a game called, “7 Days To Die” which looks awesome. I’m also interested in those “Dark Souls” games ’cause I’m a huge fan of RPG games. I also want to get the “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” that’s coming out for the PS4 pretty soon. The game “Until Dawn” looks pretty cool too.

I’m still a pretty big video gamer. I prefer Playstation than other consoles. I don’t like Xbox and I don’t like the direction Nintendo has gone these days. Playstation for me all the way. Can’t wait to get the PS4. I’ve had the PS3 for a good several years now, time to make an upgrade.


Yep, I think it’s about time for me to get a PS4 real soon… I need one…

I still have the old Ps3. Each time I go to the video game store like at Best Buy or where ever, I’m noticing it’s getting much harder to buy new PS3 games. Why? It’s because they aren’t releasing and not selling PS3 games much anymore ’cause of the new PS4. It’s getting harder to find good PS3 games ’cause you can’t find much anymore. Sony does this on purpose so they can force you to buy a PS4. That’s what they did this for. I want to get a PS4 ’cause most of the new games I want to play are mostly PS4 exclusive. They don’t release new games for the PS3 much anymore… again just a sneaky way for them to force you buy the new PS4. I’m gonna get a PS4 real soon, though. Definitely this year.

After I buy my new acoustic guitar, I’ll start saving for a PS4. If I do get a PS4 this year what’s the first game I would get with it? Probably “Batman: Arkham Knight”… that’s the first one I’ll get. I’ll also look into getting “Star Wars: Battlefront” and “Fallout 4”.

Yeah, like a lot of people, I’m a big video gamer too… it’s just that I haven’t been playing video games for a long while. Took a long break from it but getting back into video gaming now. Right now, I’m currently playing “The Evil Within” on the PS3. I did buy two new games for the PS3 though which are “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain” and the first “Dark Souls” game. I still gotta play “Bioshock: Infinite” too.

I love video games. It’s just something I do when I want a break from music and guitar playing.


“Batman: Arkham Knight” to be rated M for “Mature”…

Rocksteady just announced the rating for the upcoming Batman game titled, “Batman: Arkham Knight” which is gonna be the final installment for the Arkham series. The game will be rated M for Mature which is the first time they rated it “M” for a Batman game.

According to Rocksteady, they never made it or wrote it with the rating in mind. They just did whatever was right for the story.

Interesting. Wonder why they rated it, “M”??? More blood and gore? More swearing? Will there be nudity with the female characters? A little bit of all three?

I’m a huge fan of all the Batman: Arkham series. I played the previous three and looking forward to this one. Even though, “Batman: Arkham Origins” wasn’t made by Rocksteady, it’s still pretty similar and still a great game.

I am planning to buy “Arkham Knight” which comes out in June but I’m gonna have to buy the PC Version. I don’t have a PS4 yet. My new computer is good for playing PC games now ’cause I got a good enough video card for it and the RAM is good enough for it.

The Batman games are a blast to play. I love ’em so much.