Think I have plenty of games that’ll keep me busy for my PS4 console…

Since I bought my new PS4 just not too long ago, I just kept buying new games for it. I have several games for the PS4 to keep me busy a while so I think that’s enough games for now.

So far for my new PS4 console here are the games that I have:

  • Uncharted 4 “A Thief’s End”
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Overwatch
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Until Dawn (a survival horror game)
  • 7 Days To Die (downloaded and paid for from PS Store)
  • Hustle Kings (pool table game downloaded, FREE from PS Store)
  • The Four Kings Casino and Slots (casino & card playing game, downloaded, FREE from PS Store)
  • Neverwinter (a fantasy RPG game, downloaded, FREE from PS Store)

That’s pretty much it really. I’m playing “Uncharted 4” right now and I’m on “Chapter 8” in that game so far. I never played an Uncharted game before and so far, it’s pretty cool. Love it. Speaking of Uncharted games, I just noticed I have “Uncharted 3” in my game collection . “Uncharted 3” for the PS3.

I also have a few other PS3 games that I haven’t played yet. Still trying to finish “The Evil Within” and still gotta play “Bioshock: Infinite”, the first “Dark Souls” game and “Metal Gear Solid V”. I still gotta get around to playing those.

So yeah, I think I definitely have plenty of games to keep me busy for a long while. So i think I’ll stop buying new  games for a while, definitely.

I’m loving the PS4 so far but my only complaint is that downloads from the PS store take way too long so I guess the best way to make the downloads faster is put the console in sleep mode which works perfect.

Netflix works really good on it but the WWE Network still sucks. I’m thinking of cancelling WWE Network and getting rid of it ’cause it still freezes and buffers a lot.

PS4 is a great console, though.


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