Media is lying about Hillary doing better than Trump in elections…Trump is doing just fine…


For proof that Trump is still doing better than Hillary in the polls, Hillary didn’t draw that big of a crowd at the DNC. In fact, many walked out on Hillary’s speech at the DNC. Media is now making ridiculous claims that Hillary is ahead of Trump in the polls which you know is complete bullshit.

The photo above is Trump’s rally in Maine this week so there’s your proof right there that Trump is still drawing huge crowds at his rallies.

The photo above is Hillary at a rally in Las Vegas this week which is at a building called IBEW Local 357 which I’m pretty sure is a smaller building than an arena. Trump is still having his rallies at huge arenas and Hillary is having her rallies at smaller convention halls. Take that for what you will. Is the media lying or not? Yep, they definitely are for sure.

Keep believing in the media’s lies, NeverTrumpers. All they’re doing is trying to make Hillary look good. We will prove that the media is lying about Hillary’s popularity on Nov. 8th when Trump wins in a landslide!



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