Obama shouldn’t be lecturing people on who is fit and unfit to be president… hypocrite…

Ya know, ya gotta love it when Obama says that Trump is not qualified and he says that Hillary is the most “qualified”. When that opinion is coming from Barack Obama, that opinion is hard to take seriously. When that opinion is coming from Barack Obama, you know he’s wrong on both counts.

Obama has no right to lecture people on who is fit and unfit to be president when he is the most unfit president in history. This piece of shit was unfit from the get go. Why was Obama unfit to be president in 2008? What has he accomplished as Senator? Can you think of anything? What has he accomplished before he became Senator? On top of that, when he became president in 2008, we barely knew anything about him. He’s the least transparent president in the US as well.

Obama’s real birth certificate is still missing. His college records and birth records are still sealed. We don’t know anything about this asshole or where he came from and this piece of garbage wants to lecture us on who is fit and unfit? Really?

What’s even sadder is that liberals and other NeverTrumpers are actually believing Obama’s lies. When Obama says Trump is unfit to be president, liberals cheer him on. It’s really quite pathetic.

I ranted about that on my facebook page and called liberals out for that too.  The last person you want to trust is Barack Obama. Another thing, it’s no surprise that Obama would say that Trump is “unfit” ’cause Obama hates Trump. Trump and Obama has been arch enemies for years now.

Obama’s obviously very scared of Trump so it’s predictable that Obama would do a lot of Trump bashing. Look like that Obama is trying to continue his presidency by enacting “martial law” but looks like that’s not gonna happen now. Look like they won’t let him extend his presidency.

Those liberals and NeverTrumpers who hate Trump never cease to amaze me. They just want Trump gone and they don’t care how it’s done. They jerk themselves off each time someone attacks Trump which is pathetic also. If you hate Trump just because the media says so then you’re not very bright at all. Also, a misinformed and naive person who’ll believe anything the media tells you.



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