Kesha drops lawsuit against Dr. Luke ’cause simply she couldn’t prove he raped her… period???

Well this didn’t come as a surprise at all. The only reason Kesha is dropping this stupid lawsuit is ’cause she is coming to a realization that she couldn’t prove that Dr. Luke raped her and abused her. She couldn’t find a way to prove his guilt. Kesha is such a greedy bitch and I’ll never support her music for this reason.

You guys gotta understand some women that some of them are evil. They’ll do anything to get more attention and a bigger payday by accusing men of rape. It has happened lots of times before where women would accuse other men of rape just to get more money. Some would think that this cunt would keep going after Dr. Luke but I don’t think she will anymore.

I think it’s  a pretty shady way for wanting to get out of a label by accusing the producer of raping her. How low can this stupid woman get? The #FreeKesha movement was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

Kesha’s music is pretty horrible anyways. Who cares.


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