Report: Game Informer magazine leaks exclusive details from “Batman: Arkham City”…

The popular video game magazine, “Game Informer” released new information that will be included in the next “Batman: Arkham City”, the sequel from 2009’s, “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. “Arkham City” is set for a Sept. 2011 release.

Here are the details:

  • Two Face/Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange will be the two main villains for the game.
  • Batman will get to use the smoke bomb which hasn’t been used in “Arkham Asylum”
  • Batman will be able to counter two attacks simultaneously

More on it here:

Can’t wait for the game! I’m definitely interested in this one ’cause I thought “Arkham Asylum” was amazing. Excellent gameplay, story, and graphics. I’m probably going to end up playing “Arkham Asylum” again soon.



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