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Report: Warner Bros. getting closer to winning full copyrights of Superman…

The lawyer for Joe Shuster, and Jerry Siegel, Marc Toberoff, got a huge slap in the face in court during this long nasty battle on, “Superman” copyrights, against Warner Bros. The First Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit, ordered Toberoff to turn over stolen documents that were taken in 2008. The papers were stolen by David Michaels and delivered anonymously to Warner Bros.

Read more on the story, here.

I don’t think, this means that Warner Bros. has full control of Superman now, but it’s in the right direction to get there. They’re getting closer, I think. I don’t know a whole lot about this legal bullshit, but I want Warner Bros. to get the full rights.

This Marc Toberoff, sounds like a sleazy lawyer, anyway. While I’m sure some are siding with the Siegel’s, I’m siding with Warner Bros. on this one. Warner Bros. worked hard on Superman for years, so they don’t deserve to have the Superman rights taken away from them.

I love the Superman character and the stories. Big fan. It would be sad if the rights gets taken away after years and years of entertaining Superman fans.

I understand that the rights should go to it’s original creators, the Siegel’s, but they already agreed to sell the rights to WB’s years back. That’s what WB’s trying to prove, I think.


Report: Superman feud between the Siegels and WB/DC Comics gets even uglier…

The Siegel family is still fighting for full rights of the Superman character. They already won the rights, they will get the full rights of the character in 2013…but…Warner Bros/DC Comics only own the rights to certain storylines and characters of the Superman story.

For example, The Siegels now own the rights of the planet Krypton, they own Superman’s parents, Jor-L and Lora, Superman as the infant Kal-L, and they even own the rights to Superman’s spaceship leaving Krypton to crash into Earth.

The judge found that WB/DC Comics own the rights to Superman’s ability to fly, kryptonite, the Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White characters, his vision powers and expanded origins.

It  is still set in stone that if Warner Bros./DC Comics wants to get another Superman movie made, they must get it done by 2011. If WB’s and DC decides to make another Superman movie, they won’t be able to use storylines and characters that the Siegels own so this means Superman may be forced to get a new costume design for the next movie, not the usual red, blue and yellow costume with the S signal on the chest.

Variety Reports:


Even though Warner Bros. and DC are not allowed to use certain things that the Siegel’s own for the next Superman movie, don’t worry, this is Hollywood. They will do anything to change Superman around by creative writing.

I’m glad that WB/DC still own Lex Luthor, that means Lex Luthor coming back would be a possibility.

The Siegel’s fighting for full ownership of the Superman character is not in honour of the late Jerry Siegel, it’s all about the money and this article is making it clear it’s all about, cash.

I think the Siegel family are real pricks. Jerry Siegel would want his work being made into films and be celebrated by fans. The family is taking his honour away, in my opinion. Let Siegel’s work be celebrated by WB/DC.

I hope another Superman movie does happen and I hope the next one will be better.