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BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. win full copyrights of Superman… officially…

Today, it was announced that Warner Bros. scored a huge victory over the long battle of the Superman copyright case. The reason? Simply put, the Siegel heirs already sold the Superman copyrights to WB/DC years ago (like I’ve been repeatedly saying in this blog). So that reason alone will force the Siegel heirs to lose the rights to the character. It doesn’t make any sense why the Siegel’s sold the rights to WB’s years ago and now they want them back. It’s all ego with this Marc Toberoff guy, the sleazy lawyer who reps the Siegel’s. Sure, I understand that the character belongs to it’s original creator, but come on people, Jerome Siegel, even allowed Warner’s/DC to be in charge of the character, even when he was alive back in the day.

I’m glad this battle is just about over. “Man of Steel” may already have been finished and it’s about to get released this summer but, now that WB’s has full control of the copyrights, they can do what they want for the upcoming sequels.

I’m looking forward to “Man of Steel”, in June, and you betcha, I will try to see that film on the day it comes out. While I am a fan of superheros, Superman will always be my No. 1.

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