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“The Batman” original score soundtrack is really good stuff but the best track is the last track that ends the movie…

So I’ve finally gotten around to listening to “The Batman” original score soundtrack. I hardly ever buy soundtracks much but I bought this soundtrack to “The Batman” movie ’cause I liked the score.

Really liked the whole score. Michael Giacchino is a great composer and I’ve never heard of him before. He’s definitely very classical influenced… ’cause I’m sure all the music for the movie was written on piano first before the score.

“The Batman” soundtrack is over 2 hrs worth of music but I’ve listened through the whole thing. I would have to say though that the best track on the album is the final track “Sonata In Darkness”. Which you can hear some of that in the rolling credits at the end of the movie. This track is just piano playing and that’s it. No orchestration and no other instruments, just one person playing a piano and it’s very classical piano inspired. Kind of reminds me of stuff like Beethoven and Mozart.

That final track “Sonata In Darkness” is beautiful stuff, though. This score also has a gangster movie and film noir kind of feeling, ya know?

The ending of “The Batman” was very powerful and the credits needed a very powerful score and this piano playing fit that perfectly.

“The Batman” is an amazing and mind-blowing movie itself, though. Definitely the best Batman movie ever made and I definitely plan on re-watching it on HBO MAX this weekend.


Finally saw “The Batman” yesterday afternoon… it was freakin’ awesome! Best Batman movie for sure!

So I finally got around to seeing “The Batman” in theater yesterday afternoon and my god, I was totally speechless throughout the whole film and my eyes were glued to the screen throughout those 3 hours. The film really was that dark and “intense” like Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson themselves were trying to tell us. That is how a Batman story is supposed to be told, they’re supposed to be dark and intense.

Throughout the first 9 Batman films… the Burton/Schumacher series, The Christopher Nolan/Dark Knight trilogy and the two Ben Affleck Batman movies “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”… they were all action movies about Batman trying to save Gotham and trying to save himself from the villains that are obsessed at wanting to kill him.

“The Batman” by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson is a totally different film than all those. This film was focused on “story” mostly which was refreshing. The past Batman films were great but Batman going around trying to save everyone and everything was getting old. This one is more of a detective story and a “mystery”. That is one thing the Batman movies were missing, the “detective” story parts. In the Batman graphic novels and comics, a lot of them were detective stories… just Batman trying to solve crimes just like in the 1966 show with Adam West and those “Arkham” video games, ya know? When will Batman the detective ever happen on the big screen? Well thanks to Matt Reeves, it finally happened.

This film is like “neo noir”… kind of like a crossover of gangster movies and horror films. This film is like a mixture of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and David Fincher rolled into one. When you watch this film, you would feel like those three guys directed this film. That’s what I felt like almost.

You all probably wanna know my thoughts on Robert Pattinson as Batman well, I was pretty impressed with him, honestly. I felt Pattinson was the true Batman than all the past ones, seriously. I felt like this was the Batman from the graphic novels and comics. I really liked Pattinson’s Batman voice too. I think they got the Batman voice right this time.

The rest of the cast did real great too, though. I was also impressed with the guy that played the Riddler, Paul Dano made a brilliant Riddler. This is a different Riddler than the comics and graphic novels we’ve seen but there are still similarities. The costume is different ’cause it’s just Matt’s vision but the green is still there, the question mark is still there, the glasses are still there and the laugh is still there but you won’t see Riddler wearing that green hat and walking around with a staff with a question mark on the top of it. The jokes and the riddles are still there too.

This is the Batman I want to see, Batman going around trying to solve all the Riddler’s riddles just like in the 1966 Batman TV show and in the comics.

I thought everybody in the movie did great… Andy Serkis the new Alfred, Zoe Kravitz as Selina/Catwoman, John Turturro kills it like he always does and I was real impressed with Colin Farrell as the new Penguin. Colin is totally unrecognizable as that character which is amazing.

I bet Matt was inspired by horror films too ’cause a lot of scenes in this movie were very dark, scary and disturbing. Crazy. Of course, this film had violent action scenes too. This film had to have some action in it ’cause what’s the point of making a Batman movie when he’s not gonna be fighting? This film had some pretty great action scenes and good fighting sequences.

This film was definitely a masterpiece. I’m definitely gonna buy the BluRay when it comes out. I think I’m gonna buy the soundtrack ’cause I really liked the score in the movie too.

I was really impressed and blown away with “The Batman”. I’ll give it a 9/10 and I’m already looking forward to the sequel now. Definitely worth seeing.


“The Batman” teaser is finally here and it looks amazing, I’m so there for this one…

When Robert Pattinson was announced that he was going to be the next Batman for the upcoming “The Batman” directed by Matt Reeves, it got mixed reactions. Some love it and some hate it as Pattinson being the next Batman. I’m one of those that always believed that Pattinson could pull it off and I always believed in him in that role. So many trashed Matt Reeves and “The Batman” ’cause of Pattinson’s history with the Twilight movies. So far, I’m seeing the Pattinson critics having a change of heart after the teaser finally came out and many critics not saying anything as well.

I think the first teaser is impressive and gave me goosebumps. Looks like this movie is gonna be the beginnings of Catwoman, The Penguin and the Riddler ’cause as you can see those characters look different and they aren’t those iconic villains… “yet”. Just an origin story for them, not an origin story for Batman which has already been done so many times.

The new Batman looks intense though and looks 10x’s more violent than the previous Batmans we’ve had in the past. Batman, a lot more tougher and more angry.

My question is, no Joker at all in this movie? I wouldn’t rule that out… probably no Joker but don’t be surprised if you’ll see or hear a Joker reference or more. If there is going to be a sequel to this movie and probably will be depending how this movie does in the box office, I’m sure they will feature more and different villains.

I’m so glad this movie “The Batman” is gonna be a detective story finally. All the previous Batman films we had were “action” movies. They weren’t detective stories. We need a detective story where fans can figure things out ourselves and we need a Batman movie where we can really think. A mystery “whodunit” story is what’s missing and we’re finally getting that.

Can’t wait and I’m definitely seeing this film when it comes out.


Robert Pattinson as the Batman in cowl and suit revealed… freakin’ awesome so far…

This just dropped out of nowhere today. Dropped by Matt Reeves himself  on his twitter account and the internet was already all over it. It quickly went viral.

This is just a camera test… probably just Robert Pattinson in the batsuit before the movie begins filming, just trying things out and testing it, ya know? Robert in the batsuit in a dark room with red light. Looks like Pattinson is the Dark Knight for this one ’cause the suit is made of armor it looks like.

I just love when Pattinson looks down, you can’t really see his mouth and eyes yet but when he slowly looks up, you start to his mouth and eyes. Omg, his look through the cowl looks freakin’ awesome and very intense! I can now see why Matt Reeves and the crew badly wanted Pattinson ’cause I can see them getting blown away when they first saw Robert in the batsuit. Pattinson’s mouth and eyes looks fantastic through that cowl, though. I love that look.

This video doesn’t show the whole costume just his upper body and they won’t let you show his ears yet either. I’m sure they’ll give us another first look at his full costume real soon. What about Batman’s utility belt? I’m sure he’s gonna be wearing one, of course with all kinds of cool bat-toys… but the utility belt will not only have his weapons, it will also have all kinds of tools giving you a hint that he would be a detective too.

Looking great so far and I’m already impressed!

Unfortunately, though, we’ll have to wait until the summer of 2021 for us to see it, though but they’ll keep giving more and more first looks from the film ’cause it’s filming right now. They’ll give us pictures of Catwoman, The Riddler and the Penguin. They’ll give us pics of the Batmobile, Wayne Manor (Bruce’s home) and the Batcave.

I’m already feeling that this movie could be a huge box office smash. Could end up being the biggest Batman movie ever. Hope Robert is ready for this.


Matt Reeves “The Batman” and starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz sounds more intriguing the more I hear about it!!!

Some of you probably wanna know my thoughts about Matt Reeves “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson and new cast member Zoe Kravitz who just got signed to play the new Selina Kyle/Catwoman. I’m a die-hard Batman fan. I love the big screen movies, love the comics and I love the animated series and animated films as well. I just love anything Batman ’cause I just love the character and the stories.

From what I’m hearing about Matt Reeves “The Batman”…. oh man, it sounds more intriguing the more I hear about it. The thing with “The Batman” they are planning is that it’s not going to be a typical origin story that we’ve already seen so many times. I’ve read this movie is going to be set in the 90’s and will focus on a much younger Bruce Wayne/Batman and in my opinion, I think Robert Pattinson is a great choice. A lot of people are skeptical of the idea since Pattinson’s history with the Twilight films but I think he will make a great Batman. Some maybe skeptical now but wait until the actual movie comes out and give him a chance. I predict Pattinson is gonna knock that role out of the park and kill it! We still haven’t seen what Pattinson is gonna look like in the bat cowl but I’m sure they’re gonna give us our first look at the new Batman soon.

I’m also hearing stuff about that “The Batman” movie is gonna focus more on a detective story and that’s what’s got me sold on it completely. That’s one thing that Batman has been missing for years… the detective part of things which is what Batman is supposed to be… a detective. All those live action Batman movies over the years… the Tim Burton films, the Schumacher films, the Christopher Nolan trilogy and the Zack Snyder Batman… they are all big action flicks and Batman was a crime fighter in all those movies, not the detective.

In the comics and graphic novels, Batman was a detective in most of ’em. Batman was also a detective in those Arkham video games by Rock Steady. I love the detective stories in Batman and it’s finally time to bring those to the big screen and I applaud Matt Reeves for that. In Matt Reeves “The Batman”, I’m sure  there will be some violence and action scenes but I hear it’s going to mostly focus on story.

I also hear the film is going to feature more than one villain and it’s probably gonna feature everybody. Penguin and the Riddler hasn’t been casted yet but if they’re going to use those characters for the film, I’d suggest they get Robin Lord Taylor for Penguin and Cory Michael Smith for The Riddler… actors who played those characters from the “Gotham” TV show on FOX. Robin Taylor as the Penguin and Cory Smith as The Riddler… oh god, those guys played those characters so well. They made a perfect Penguin and Riddler and I hope Matt Reeves will get those guys for “The Batman”. I doubt it but ya never know. I love the “Gotham” TV show on FOX as I’ve been watching it on Netflix a lot and I’ve been watching Season 4. Only 5 seasons of that show and trying to catch up to the very end of the show.

Back to “The Batman” being a detective story, like I said I love the idea and this movie needs to be a who-dun-it kind of thing. Will it be a murder mystery? Probably.

I wonder who’s going to play the rest of the characters??? They still need to cast a new Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox and they need to cast Harvey Dent if they’re going to use him.

As far as other villains go…. I hope they use Dr. Hugo Strange, Killer Croc, Pyg, Hush, Two Face (Harvey Dent), Ra’s Al Ghul and Deadshot. This film will try to fit all the villains in one film. That’s the goal I think?

This film is looking to be like a trilogy of some sorts so it’s not gonna be a one-off. If this film turns out be a hit then there will probably be more.

Another question you have to ask is will I go see “The Joker” movie with Joaquin Phoenix? I’m hoping to see it and I’m gonna try to see it before it stops playing. I think it’s gonna be in the theater for a long while since it’s a box office hit. I do want to see it, though and it looks good.


Robert Pattinson is the next in line of Batman actors, I’m no fan of him like most but I’ll give him a chance…

So it’s looking like that Robert Pattinson the star of the “Twilight” movies which is he most famous for is gonna be the next Batman. That means Pattinson is gonna be added to the growing list of Batman actors for the big screen: Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and looks like Robert Pattinson is gonna be added to the list.

Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE)

I’m no fan of his like most people but I’m not gonna be so quick to judge and I’m gonna give him a chance first. We haven’t even seen what he looks like in the batsuit and cowl yet. We will soon, though. I think the goal for the new Batman reboot is that they wanted a younger Batman. The Batman movies over the years focused on an older Batman who’s in his 40’s and up. They wanted someone much younger so I guess they found that Pattinson is their guy.

What do you think? Do you think Pattinson has what it takes to play the next Bruce Wayne/Batman? I don’t know. He might do a good job and he might not. We shouldn’t be so quick to negatively judge him. Why don’t people wait until we see footage from the film first instead of criticizing him ’cause of his “Twilight” fame?

Never know… Pattinson becoming the next Batman could end up being fucking awesome. We’ll have to wait and see.


Matt Reeves “The Batman”… is it gonna be old-school 1940’s Batman??? If so interesting…

While DC/Warner Bros. continues to ignore Superman, they haven’t ignored our other iconic superhero in the DC world… and that is Batman. DC/Warner Bros. studios is in the works of a new Batman movie. It’s going to be a whole new reboot, I guess. It’ll have nothing to do with any of the past Batman films.

Through the press, there are rumors that this film could be set in the 90’s but from the looks of things,  it doesn’t look  like it’s heading that way to me. In this image while celebrating 80 years of Batman, Matt Reeves revealed a photo of what it looks like the first comic when Batman made his debut. In the background which is blurred out, I’m pretty sure it’s the script for the movie. On the cover of the script, you see the old Batman logo from the 1940’s comics.

So now I’m thinking is this movie gonna be taking place in the 1940’s? Are we gonna get the old school Batman? Ya know, the blue and black Batman with the yellow belt. If the old-school Batman is coming to the big screen then that’ll be freakin’ cool and it’ll work. I think the blue and black Batman should return ’cause we had the Dark Knight Batman for many years and I feel we’ve finally had enough of that. We’ve had the Dark Knight Batman through the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder films. Now it’s finally time for something different.

If the 1940’s Batman is what they’re going for then that would be some interesting film making and I think Matt Reeves could pull it off. They said it would take place in a different era and the 1940’s could be it. This film would be nothing like the Adam West and Burt Ward TV series ’cause Reeves Batman would take place years before then. It’ll be an interesting take for sure and I’m all for this.

I’m a huge Batman fan and I’m hoping Reeves “The Batman” is gonna be a great one and hope it won’t suck.