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Finally saw “The Batman” yesterday afternoon… it was freakin’ awesome! Best Batman movie for sure!

So I finally got around to seeing “The Batman” in theater yesterday afternoon and my god, I was totally speechless throughout the whole film and my eyes were glued to the screen throughout those 3 hours. The film really was that dark and “intense” like Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson themselves were trying to tell us. That is how a Batman story is supposed to be told, they’re supposed to be dark and intense.

Throughout the first 9 Batman films… the Burton/Schumacher series, The Christopher Nolan/Dark Knight trilogy and the two Ben Affleck Batman movies “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”… they were all action movies about Batman trying to save Gotham and trying to save himself from the villains that are obsessed at wanting to kill him.

“The Batman” by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson is a totally different film than all those. This film was focused on “story” mostly which was refreshing. The past Batman films were great but Batman going around trying to save everyone and everything was getting old. This one is more of a detective story and a “mystery”. That is one thing the Batman movies were missing, the “detective” story parts. In the Batman graphic novels and comics, a lot of them were detective stories… just Batman trying to solve crimes just like in the 1966 show with Adam West and those “Arkham” video games, ya know? When will Batman the detective ever happen on the big screen? Well thanks to Matt Reeves, it finally happened.

This film is like “neo noir”… kind of like a crossover of gangster movies and horror films. This film is like a mixture of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and David Fincher rolled into one. When you watch this film, you would feel like those three guys directed this film. That’s what I felt like almost.

You all probably wanna know my thoughts on Robert Pattinson as Batman well, I was pretty impressed with him, honestly. I felt Pattinson was the true Batman than all the past ones, seriously. I felt like this was the Batman from the graphic novels and comics. I really liked Pattinson’s Batman voice too. I think they got the Batman voice right this time.

The rest of the cast did real great too, though. I was also impressed with the guy that played the Riddler, Paul Dano made a brilliant Riddler. This is a different Riddler than the comics and graphic novels we’ve seen but there are still similarities. The costume is different ’cause it’s just Matt’s vision but the green is still there, the question mark is still there, the glasses are still there and the laugh is still there but you won’t see Riddler wearing that green hat and walking around with a staff with a question mark on the top of it. The jokes and the riddles are still there too.

This is the Batman I want to see, Batman going around trying to solve all the Riddler’s riddles just like in the 1966 Batman TV show and in the comics.

I thought everybody in the movie did great… Andy Serkis the new Alfred, Zoe Kravitz as Selina/Catwoman, John Turturro kills it like he always does and I was real impressed with Colin Farrell as the new Penguin. Colin is totally unrecognizable as that character which is amazing.

I bet Matt was inspired by horror films too ’cause a lot of scenes in this movie were very dark, scary and disturbing. Crazy. Of course, this film had violent action scenes too. This film had to have some action in it ’cause what’s the point of making a Batman movie when he’s not gonna be fighting? This film had some pretty great action scenes and good fighting sequences.

This film was definitely a masterpiece. I’m definitely gonna buy the BluRay when it comes out. I think I’m gonna buy the soundtrack ’cause I really liked the score in the movie too.

I was really impressed and blown away with “The Batman”. I’ll give it a 9/10 and I’m already looking forward to the sequel now. Definitely worth seeing.


Do Marvel superhero movies get treated more positively than DC superhero movies? I would say so!

Each time DC/Warner Bros. releases a new superhero film, the film gets so much negative criticism but Marvel superhero films gets received more positively. Why is this you may ask?

I remember when DC released the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, that film got bashed like crazy. Then when “Man of Steel” finally came out that film got mixed reviews… then “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” came and that film got bashed like crazy.

Each time Marvel releases a new film whether it will be a “Thor” movie, a “Captain America” movie, “Doctor Strange” or another “Avengers” film… those films are loved by everyone.

It has nothing to do with the films itself. It has nothing to do with the directors, the script, etc. I think it’s because that Marve/Disney is at war with DC. That’s pretty much it really. It’s all competition with each other. One company wants to be better than the other. Hollywood doing all they can to ram Marvel down our throats. Marvel is trying all they can to get DC to lose their respect by movie lovers.

I just saw the new trailer for “Wonder Woman” by DC and it looks great to me:

How much do you want to bet that “Doctor Strange” is gonna get more received positively than “Wonder Woman”? Even though “Wonder Woman” would probably end up being a good film, it’s still gonna get bashed on because it’s DC.

I also have a bad feeling that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie will get trashed on too and I think the same will happen to the “Justice League” movie.

If DC wants to get more respect again then they need to step their game up. Like make better movies, they also need to market themselves better too. I think both companies make great films so I’m not gonna say which side makes better films.

The problem is DC don’t make that much superhero films when they should.  It’s a shame that DC don’t get much respect anymore when they should. They are the ones who brought us Batman and Superman. They finally teamed up Batman and Superman in a film like we all wanted so they should be respected.

I try not to give films negative criticism ’cause it’s something I try not to do. Negative opinions is just a waste of time when it comes to entertainment. I try to treat everything positively. Yeah, there are some movies I don’t like but I like most movies I see. If there’s a film I see I don’t care for then I’ll do my best to keep the opinion to myself. People can be very negative and opinionated when it comes to movies & music and I try not to be like that.


James Wan to direct “Aquaman” movie for DC/Warner Bros…

James Wan is mostly famous as a horror film director but look like he’s finally getting tired of horror films and wants to do different genres. He has directed a few action movies in his career with action films such as “Death Sentence” starring Kevin Bacon and he just directed “Fast & Furious 7”. Now he’s set to direct another action film which is gonna be the “Aquaman” which will star Jason Momoa in the leading role.

You can expect the “Aquaman” live-action movie to be full of water all over so there’s gonna be a lot of underwater scenes and above water scenes. That’s because I believe that Aquaman can only survive in water, I think he can survive outside of water but not for long. I don’t know much about Aquaman but I’m just doing a little googling on the character. He does have super strength and he can control all sea life meaning that he can control all sea animals like fish, sharks, whales, etc.

So I think this is gonna be an interesting movie and looking forward to seeing how James is gonna pull it off. Expect the movie to be full of CGI, though.


“Gotham” premiere review on FOX…

So last night I finally gotten around to watching the “Gotham” premiere on FOX. First things first, I would like to say that I was pretty blown away with the show. WOW!!!! The show was freakin’ great and I was pretty impressed with it’s debut episode. The show was actually pretty well written and well-acted by everyone in the cast and that includes Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith’s wife). I was pretty impressed with Jada Pinkett’s role and I used to never be a fan of her acting until now. I thought she did a great job. She played a cool villain that you love to hate. She played the evil “bitch” role well. Plus, Jada Pinkett was smoking hot and sexy in her costume.

Yeah, I did catch all of Batman’s super villains. I recognized Penguin, The Riddler, the Joker, Catwoman and Poison Ivy easily.

I know the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents have been shown many times in all of the Batman big screen movies and animated films but finally we’re gonna get a true back story of Bruce’s childhood which is what this show is about. I’m assuming that this show is leading up to Bruce Wayne growing up and it will show how he became the Batman. When will we a full grown Bruce Wayne in the Batman suit? Not for a long while I would think. If the show is successful and I think it will be, it’ll last for 7-10 seasons or more. This show could be bigger than “Smallville”.

I’m very intrigued with the idea of “Gotham” ’cause for once we get a historical look on the Batman story of how he became Batman and how all the super villains came out to be. In the upcoming show, I hope “Gotham” will show us more super villains of how they were in the beginning like Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Deadshot, etc. I’m sure the show will have them all.

Anyway, this show is not just about Bruce Wayne and how he became Batman, it’s really an introduction of all the super villains. That’s the whole point of it, I believe.

Consider me a fan of the show and I’ll continue to watch every Monday. I’m a huge Batman fan. Always have been ever since I was a child.

So that means I’m currently watching two NEW TV shows right now: “Gotham” and “Dr. Who” w/ Peter Capaldi. “Dr. Who” w/ Capaldi and Jenna Coleman is really good too and I will talk more about that show in another post.