Do Marvel superhero movies get treated more positively than DC superhero movies? I would say so!

Each time DC/Warner Bros. releases a new superhero film, the film gets so much negative criticism but Marvel superhero films gets received more positively. Why is this you may ask?

I remember when DC released the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, that film got bashed like crazy. Then when “Man of Steel” finally came out that film got mixed reviews… then “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” came and that film got bashed like crazy.

Each time Marvel releases a new film whether it will be a “Thor” movie, a “Captain America” movie, “Doctor Strange” or another “Avengers” film… those films are loved by everyone.

It has nothing to do with the films itself. It has nothing to do with the directors, the script, etc. I think it’s because that Marve/Disney is at war with DC. That’s pretty much it really. It’s all competition with each other. One company wants to be better than the other. Hollywood doing all they can to ram Marvel down our throats. Marvel is trying all they can to get DC to lose their respect by movie lovers.

I just saw the new trailer for “Wonder Woman” by DC and it looks great to me:

How much do you want to bet that “Doctor Strange” is gonna get more received positively than “Wonder Woman”? Even though “Wonder Woman” would probably end up being a good film, it’s still gonna get bashed on because it’s DC.

I also have a bad feeling that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie will get trashed on too and I think the same will happen to the “Justice League” movie.

If DC wants to get more respect again then they need to step their game up. Like make better movies, they also need to market themselves better too. I think both companies make great films so I’m not gonna say which side makes better films.

The problem is DC don’t make that much superhero films when they should.  It’s a shame that DC don’t get much respect anymore when they should. They are the ones who brought us Batman and Superman. They finally teamed up Batman and Superman in a film like we all wanted so they should be respected.

I try not to give films negative criticism ’cause it’s something I try not to do. Negative opinions is just a waste of time when it comes to entertainment. I try to treat everything positively. Yeah, there are some movies I don’t like but I like most movies I see. If there’s a film I see I don’t care for then I’ll do my best to keep the opinion to myself. People can be very negative and opinionated when it comes to movies & music and I try not to be like that.



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