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Robert Pattinson is the next in line of Batman actors, I’m no fan of him like most but I’ll give him a chance…

So it’s looking like that Robert Pattinson the star of the “Twilight” movies which is he most famous for is gonna be the next Batman. That means Pattinson is gonna be added to the growing list of Batman actors for the big screen: Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and looks like Robert Pattinson is gonna be added to the list.

Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE)

I’m no fan of his like most people but I’m not gonna be so quick to judge and I’m gonna give him a chance first. We haven’t even seen what he looks like in the batsuit and cowl yet. We will soon, though. I think the goal for the new Batman reboot is that they wanted a younger Batman. The Batman movies over the years focused on an older Batman who’s in his 40’s and up. They wanted someone much younger so I guess they found that Pattinson is their guy.

What do you think? Do you think Pattinson has what it takes to play the next Bruce Wayne/Batman? I don’t know. He might do a good job and he might not. We shouldn’t be so quick to negatively judge him. Why don’t people wait until we see footage from the film first instead of criticizing him ’cause of his “Twilight” fame?

Never know… Pattinson becoming the next Batman could end up being fucking awesome. We’ll have to wait and see.



Matt Reeves “The Batman”… is it gonna be old-school 1940’s Batman??? If so interesting…

While DC/Warner Bros. continues to ignore Superman, they haven’t ignored our other iconic superhero in the DC world… and that is Batman. DC/Warner Bros. studios is in the works of a new Batman movie. It’s going to be a whole new reboot, I guess. It’ll have nothing to do with any of the past Batman films.

Through the press, there are rumors that this film could be set in the 90’s but from the looks of things,  it doesn’t look  like it’s heading that way to me. In this image while celebrating 80 years of Batman, Matt Reeves revealed a photo of what it looks like the first comic when Batman made his debut. In the background which is blurred out, I’m pretty sure it’s the script for the movie. On the cover of the script, you see the old Batman logo from the 1940’s comics.

So now I’m thinking is this movie gonna be taking place in the 1940’s? Are we gonna get the old school Batman? Ya know, the blue and black Batman with the yellow belt. If the old-school Batman is coming to the big screen then that’ll be freakin’ cool and it’ll work. I think the blue and black Batman should return ’cause we had the Dark Knight Batman for many years and I feel we’ve finally had enough of that. We’ve had the Dark Knight Batman through the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder films. Now it’s finally time for something different.

If the 1940’s Batman is what they’re going for then that would be some interesting film making and I think Matt Reeves could pull it off. They said it would take place in a different era and the 1940’s could be it. This film would be nothing like the Adam West and Burt Ward TV series ’cause Reeves Batman would take place years before then. It’ll be an interesting take for sure and I’m all for this.

I’m a huge Batman fan and I’m hoping Reeves “The Batman” is gonna be a great one and hope it won’t suck.


Netflix Pick (PS3): Let Me In

For my Saturday movie last night, I have finally decided to see the horror flick, “Let Me In”, written and directed by Matt Reeves.

I know a lot of people are fed up with shit vampire films for the last several years. Finally, someone makes an excellent vampire film! Man, was I so impressed with this film or what? Yes I was, I was blown away and at the edge of my seat throughout the entire film.

The film stars, Kodi Smit-McPhie and Chloe Grace Morets, both who are child actors. The film is set in the 1980’s and it tells the story of a young 12 year old boy named Owen (Smith-McPhie) who develops a friendship with a girl named, Abby (Grace Morets). The only thing though, that Owen doesn’t know that Abby is a vampire. Abby’s father is a murderous madman, who would kill people for blood for Abby to feed on. Vampire’s need blood to survive and Abby’s father would do whatever it takes to keep her alive.

Owen is being bullied by three other kids in school, and Abby gives him the advice that he needs to fight back. While Owen is a human boy and not a vampire, Abby vows not to drink blood from him because they were in love with each other. The movie is also a love story.

Enough with the plot. I thought this was the best vampire film in a long time, it was perfect. Just the way a vampire story needed to be told. This is not Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight”, Matt Reeve’s “Let Me In” is a totally different story. It’s much darker, more violent and scarier. Yes, “Let Me In” even kind of creeped me out in some scenes. There is some gore, of course. The movie was unpredictable.

I’m glad I finally saw the movie, so I think I’m going to buy this movie on Blu Ray. I know you’re probably tired of vampire flicks, but I think you’ll like this one. Check it out.



Report: Matt Reeves will direct, “The Passage”, based on the vampire novel…

Sick of the new vampire trend in Hollywood films? Well, you’re going to be pulling your hair out in frustration some more because vampires in the movies isn’t going away anytime soon. Matt Reeves, “The Cloverfield”, and “Let Me In” director have been hired to direct “The Passage” which will be adapted by the book by Justin Cronin. It’s a vampire apocalypse story about a science experiment that goes wrong and vampires take over the world.

Deadline, reports.

I don’t think this one is aimed toward the young adult audience this time. Sounds like an adult movie. The plot sounds good. I might have to give this book a read sometime too.