Ben Affleck’s take on “The Batman” would have been an all out action film and very James Bond-esque…

During an interview director Matt Reeves who just helmed “The Batman” which is still scheduled for a March 4th release date in theaters described a little bit of what Ben Affleck’s take on “The Batman” would have been like. Yes, Ben already wrote his script for “The Batman” and handed it to Warner Bros. Since Ben stepped out of directing and acting, Matt Reeves took over the job. Warner Bros. handed Ben’s script of “The Batman” to Matt and Matt decided that he didn’t like it at all.

Matt’s biggest complaint about Ben’s script that it would have been an all out action movie and it was too James Bond-esque and that’s what Matt didn’t want at all. Matt also felt that Ben’s script was very much like DCEU that had other characters from the other films and other comic book stories. Matt didn’t want that either.

Initially WB’s wanted Matt to direct Ben’s script but Matt says “No”, turned down the script and Matt made “The Batman” his own movie instead.

While Matt Reeves take on “the Batman” looks amazing so far, I honestly wanted to see Ben’s take on it. Ben making a Batman movie an all-out action movie would have been awesome.

Ben does have action movie experience believe it or not. Ben has done movies in every genre from drama, action, comedy, thriller and he even done horror a little bit, I think. For action movies Ben starred in action flicks like “The Accountant”, “Reindeer Games”, “Triple Frontier”, “Sum of all Fears” and of course his most popular “The Town” (in which he directed himself). I thought “The Town” was definitely one of his best films anyways. I would think Ben is definitely capable of making a violent Batman flick. I kind of wish Ben hung on but oh well. Ben is not done playing Batman yet as he is going to play the character once more in the upcoming “Flash” movie and that’s it. Ben is moving on and no longer wanting anything to do with Batman after that.

Matt didn’t say but I wonder who the villains would have been in Ben’s version of “The Batman”? It probably wouldn’t have been The Joker but I’m sure Ben picked other villains. I think in the past, Ben teased in an interview that Deathstroke was the main villain in his version so Deathstroke was probably it. Seeing Deathstroke would have been badass.

Anyhow, I’m definitely looking forward to the Matt Reeves “Batman” movie in March and I’ll make sure I’ll be there for that one. I think it looks awesome so far. I love Batman. I’m the biggest Batman superfan you’ll ever see. You should see my Batman collection at home. I have many Batman graphic novels, some Batman comics, many Batman movies and animated stuff on BluRay. Only thing I don’t have yet is the 1966 Batman TV show BluRay set and the Burton/Schumacher movies of Batman but I’m gonna getting around to getting those soon to complete my collection.


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